A list of natural methods for treating polycystic ovaries

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Treatment for disease:Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder commonly diagnosed in women of reproductive age. It is characterized by a hormonal imbalance that can lead to various symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles, excessive hair growth, acne, and sometimes obesity and difficulties in becoming pregnant. PCOS is associated with the formation of numerous small cysts on the ovaries, which can disrupt the normal functioning of the ovaries and affect hormone levels.

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A list of natural methods of treating polycystic ovaries to restore health and forget about this disease. Mainly women's accounts.

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  • toxic diet
  • hormonal problems
  • improper nutrition

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects many women around the world.  It is characterized by hormonal imbalance, which can lead to various health complications.  However, there are many natural treatment methods that can effectively help fight this disease.

Natural Treatment Methods for PCOS:

  1. Changing Your Diet: Diet plays a key role in the treatment of PCOS.  It is recommended to eat foods high in fiber and low glycemic, which help regulate blood sugar levels.  Limiting the consumption of processed foods and simple sugars is also recommended.
  2. Physical Activity: Regular exercise can help regulate menstrual cycles and reduce weight, which is especially important in the case of PCOS.  Exercises such as yoga, pilates, or even brisk walking can provide significant benefits.
  3. Herbal Medicine and Supplements: Some herbs and supplements have been shown to be effective in treating PCOS.  For example, peppermint may help lower androgen levels, and cinnamon may improve insulin sensitivity.
  4. Relaxation Techniques: Stress can worsen PCOS symptoms, so it is important to use stress-reducing techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, or aromatherapy.

Testimonies and Experiences::

On this website you will also find three inspiring videos that present individual stories of women fighting PCOS using natural methods. Their experiences can be a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for you and other women facing this challenge.


  • Dr Mashal Khan - quite clear presentation in English
  • Here is actually the testimony of a recovering woman, in Hindi, but you can turn on subtitles.  In short, a raw vegan diet + a 6-hour eating window worked.  As you can see, you can get rid of the problem in 3 months.
  • Another testimony of a girl who cured PCOS with a proper diet, in English


Other things that treat PCOS include:

  1.     Water fasting
  2.     Dry fasting
  3.     Ketogenic diet
  4.     Vitamin D3 in doses above 50,000 UI per day https://vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=3003 

If you want to know more, write in a comment, I will expand this article with the above.


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