Who creates the treatments?

Anyone can create and add a treatment to Howicured.org.

Does the author need to have a medical background?

  • They can, and we would very much appreciate that, but it's not a necessity.
  • Anyone can be an Author. For example, maybe you have been fighting with your disease and were treated by multiple doctors. Finally, after years of battle, you have found the one solution that is working for you. I think everyone would like to hear how you have won your battle. What doctors or other specialists have properly treated you? What drugs did you use? What diet did you choose? It is essential to share this knowledge, so other healthcare practitioners or researchers interested in your disease can improve their treatments. This knowledge can help others from suffering. Years of struggling should not be wasted and buried inside the healed person.
  • Many people have cured diseases themselves after fighting for years and share some descriptions on Youtube, blogs, and many other places like books. Maybe they are correct, maybe wrong. We do not know because there is no place to see what people who tried their instructions say about their methods. That will be the past since Howicured will allow exactly that. We will put all treatments to the tests.
  • Can author be anonymous? I do not want everyone to know what my disease was.

  • Yes, just enter a nickname instead your real name during registration.
  • Is this legal - because I think you cannot give medical advice without being a doctor?

  • Yes, it's legal. We do not give medical advice. Howicured is a place for sharing knowledge, and that is not illegal. To be precise on Howicured, we share medical information for general use, and that is considered free speech. Read more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_advice.
  • We openly say that there is no guarantee that any treatment will 100% cure you. Authors who publish how they cured themselves also do not say that. They say that the treatment works for them and may work for you, but they don't know anything about you. You have to test yourself if it works and can be sure the author will get no money if you are not satisfied, like in escrow transactions.
  • We do not hide anything and are transparent: all treatments published on https://howicured.org are written by people who cured themselves or have witnessed how specific methods healed others. You have no guarantee they will work, and we advise you to consult a professional healthcare specialist to supervise you during any treatment. Sooner or later, you will find a doctor with an open mind that will be willing to help you test something new. Remember that every person can react differently to the same treatment because of their health history, experienced diseases, environmental or genetic factors.
  • If the treatment does not work, can I sue the author or Howicured?

  • No. We are sharing at Howicured medical information that can work but does not have to. You take the risk about what happens when the treatment will end badly on your health.
  • That's why if you fear you can get hurt - contact a licensed professional doctor and consult him or ask him for supervision of the treatment you wish to take.
  • Of course, if the treatment author is a professional doctor, you can contact him, and if you live nearby, he/she will be happy to assist you.
  • Can I get a diagnosis on Howicured?

  • Currently no. Diagnosis is a complex subject that often needs blood work, tests for bacteria or viruses or other lab procedures.
  • Leave that to professional doctors. You can seek a solution on Howicured if you know your disease or suspect what it is, for example, rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Maybe we will introduce diagnosis in the future, but to do that, we need a lot of data and a large community to which we can crowdsource the question of "what's wrong with me".
  • Why do you focus on chronic diseases?

  • Because the current state of curing them is awful. Instead of fixing a chronic disease permanently - people are fed with toxic pills that mainly stop the pain but do not heal them. When the drugs are removed - people get worse. That is not healing. That is drug addiction. A healed body does not need any medications nor supplements.
  • We strongly believe (and have witnessed with our own eyes) that most common so-called "civilization" diseases can be cured permanently. There are different ways to do that. Various methods are available in other parts of our world. Usually, people only know the treatments that their local doctor suggests to them. And the local doctor only knows treatments that/she was told in his local school. But we as human beings share almost the same DNA globally, so why would we reject methods from different continents?
  • Chronic disease is not a natural state of the human body. This may sound weird, but: humans should die healthy without any disease or handicap. And we believe that is possible. We empirically experienced that chronic diseases can be cured easily and in a replicable manner.
  • 40% of people suffer from chronic diseases globally. That is just wrong. They all seek help and do not find it. But they could.
  • We believe there is a treatment for every disease. In the worst case, it hasn't been published yet.
  • So do you allow treatments for non-chronic diseases to be published?

  • Yes. We focus on the chronic ones, but we do not have anything against publishing acute diseases descriptions and their treatments.
  • Keep in mind that acute diseases are relatively easy to treat and do not need treatment at all in most cases.
  • In our opinion, professional doctors heal acute diseases very well. We think it's mostly because they get fast feedback: for example, if your bone is broken and the doctor does something bad, he/she will get an instant response without any delay. Thanks to that, doctors have learned and improved. That's why we are focused on fixing the chronic disease problem.
  • MEDIC / AUTHOR Questions

    How to create a disease page?

    • First, register here howicured.org/signup, and fill up your data so that people can view public information about your bio.
    • Then go to "ADD new disease" from the dashboard and enter the disease name, page slug, short and long description. If the disease does not exist, you will be redirected to the disease page, where you can edit it further.
    • To edit the disease page, go to the desired disease page and click "Edit this section", and save changes when you are ready.
    • When you think the content is ready, click CONFIRM. After that, the content will await to be accepted by other authors or Howicured moderators:
      • If it's OK, the content will be published
      • If it requires improvement (for example, it's not precise or detailed enough), you will get feedback.

    How do I publish a treatment?

    • Go to the disease page you want to add the treatment and click ADD treatment.
    • Name the treatment uniquely because all treatments should be unique - and can work for many diseases, so it is important the treatment names won't be duplicates.
    • Add or select the root causes.
    • Click Save. The content will be published immediately on preview mode.
    • Click Publish to publish the content worldwide.


    What is your story? How it all started?

    There is a separate page about that: about page.