"How I Cured The Incurable"

"How I Cured The Incurable"

precisely how I cured my rheumatoid arthritis and discovered in the process

  • Causes of chronic diseases, including RA, diabetes and others
  • What does not work in the treatment process
  • What's the best way to do a water fast or dry fast
  • The diet you need to heal effectively
  • How to restore health as quickly as possible without drugs and supplements, or use supplements only in the short term
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Several hundred medical books and scientific research in one

  • As the author of this book, I tried all the strangest methods of treating RA - until I succeeded. What really worked for me was getting to the root causes. The holistic approach to the topic - treating the body as a whole, and not just trying pain relief in the parts of the body that are most likely to manifest the disease with pain at a given moment.
  • I am an electronics and telecommunications engineer by education, who likes solving difficult puzzles. This was the lack of effectiveness in treating what I experienced every day for many years: devastating pain in the joints of my legs and arms, like being hit with a baseball bat every day. What added fuel to the fire was calling the disease I was assigned "incurable" and wandering from doctor to doctor for years. Such a great challenge for my brain to solve.
  • In order to share what is effective with others - after curing myself - I acquired the qualifications of a naturopath, and curing people with realy tough cases has become my passion.
  • I applied the instructions contained in this book to friends and patients who had long-term chronic diseases, type 2 and even type 1 diabetes, insulin resistance, non-healing cystitis, kidney and other organ failure, joint degeneration, poorly healed limb injuries, Lyme disease, and also hashimoto. Some of them had already counted the last months of their lives, according to doctors who prescribed them more and more ineffective drugs.
  • Patients who followed these tips regained their health and joy of life. It was at their persuasion that I wrote down what I knew about the treatment of "incurable" or civilization diseases and published this book in various formats. If you want to support my work, heal yourself or help others overcome health problems - buy this book. It is possible to order with gift wrapping.


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Your health is in your hands

Don't wait until it's too late and as a result of ineffective pharmacology or an incorrect diet, your condition will deteriorate so much that it will be difficult to recover. Achieve true health, a state in which you feel very good every day without drugs and supplements. The package includes all versions for only PLN 119

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