About Us

About Us

Our mission is to provide billions of people with the knowledge to successfully and permanently cure themselves of any chronic disease.

Sounds big, right? But we believe it is possible, and we are very motivated to do so. It will be our life's work and our legacy for humanity.

Here is the story about how and why this project started


My name is Jarek Growin, and I am the founder of Howicured. I cured myself of 4 "incurable" diseases that doctors sentenced me to live with in endless pain and drug abuse for the rest of my life: severe atopic dermatitis, hypertension, high cholesterol and rheumatoid arthritis.


During my fight with my chronic illnesses, I was very disappointed in doctors and the lack of efficiency they provided with their treatments for my conditions. I decided that as a master engineer, I will fix my problems myself. 


I desperately needed to find knowledge about all possible treatments for my diseases, but it was scattered among different places like books, online blogs, paid content, youtube videos and was not precise nor credible. I had a problem assessing which potential treatment could work and which could not, how many people tried the given treatment and when should I abort the procedures. It took me years to find and test everything on myself.


If I had access to a knowledge base like Howicured just after my diagnosis, where I could instantly assess all treatments and choose the right one for me, I would cure myself within 2-3 months, not 2-3 decades.


I have entirely cured myself, and I am sure you can do that too, even if the doctors say that your condition is "genetic" or "incurable" and give you the “greatest“ advice to eat pain-killer pills for the rest of your life. 


I currently do not eat any drugs nor supplements and am healthy, and my vital strength is higher than ever. I shared my journey on Howicured blog posts, so if you are interested, read the whole story on our blog:


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The vision of Howicured


Howicured will bring healthcare to the modern age. 

Howicured will be the place that you visit, when you are chronically sick and want to cure yourself using confirmed methods. 


Confirmed not by biased doctors paid by pharmaceutical conglomerates but by people who were in your shoes and successfully cured themselves.


I believe I am not unique, and there are hundreds of thousands of people like me who were sick and cured themselves from chronic pain.

  • Some of them may have chosen a professional medical path to cure themselves or their relatives.
  • Some of them decided that the official medicine in their country is worth nothing and cured themselves with treatments available in other countries.
  • Some of them have cured themselves with one of the conventional modern pills treatments.
If all those people shared their how-to knowledge and this knowledge would be easily accessible in one place - and could be rated by common people - we would drastically improve the healthcare system globally.

We could change the time needed from discovering a successful treatment to its mass application from decades (or centuries!) to online. That's my real motivation. 


To keep it simple:


There are just two things we need to do in modern medicine to improve it drastically:

1. Create a single place where you can find all the different up-to-date detailed treatments for your condition

You should have the right and access to the knowledge about how to heal yourself using the best methods available worldwide. That means conventional, natural, alternative and ayurvedic ways in one place.


2. Doctors should be paid accoridng to the results of their treatments.

Currently you may die, and the doctor will get rich. This happens to all people, no matter their income. It happened to Micheal Jackson's [read more] and can happen to you. Is it worth dying in the name of trusting a single doctor who says you have to eat the newest top-notch pills for the rest of your life to be happy?


Let's change that, and we will have a better, healthier world.

That is what we try to achieve at Howicured.org.

If you wish to improve the healthcare system together with us, you are more than welcome to join us either as a user or medic =>Sign Up, or as an employee =>Career Page or contact us at partnership@howicured.org for cooperation. 


To learn more about our company or if you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page [FAQ]. If there is no answer there - contact us directly at info@howicured.org

If you want to support me

Buy my book, in which I described in detail everything that is most important to heal naturally from many of the most serious, incurable diseases such as RA, diabetes or Atopic Dermatitis.

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