Howicured - history part 2

Howicured - history part 2

My second disease: I was diagnosed with high cholesterol

I haven't had a chance to enjoy good health for too long after I cured my atopic dermatitis (read more in Part One of my story here ). I had problems with my wrists and arms from time to time: they hurt like they were severely hit without reason, and the pain lasted for 1-2 days. I didn't know what was happening, but I ignored the problem ("I am a man - if it hurts - I will get used to it").

But after I turned 30, the problems were more severe, so I did standard blood tests. It showed the results of high cholesterol (245 mg/dL). I was 31, but my liver was as if I was 50-year old. Also, other scary things showed up like high blood pressure (145/95). 

The most severe was the cholesterol which could clutter my veins and "create weird pains anywhere", as the doctor said. The doctors that analysed the results immediately prescribed me statins and told me that it could lower my levels by about 5% a year up to 10-15% in total within years, but I will have to eat them for the rest of my life.

I didn't want to die from a stroke (like my grandmother did) or heart disease. 

Fortunately, this time I was wiser and didn't listen to the lab doctor. I've done some research on my own. My wife sent me a link to, where dr. Greger describes what causes high cholesterol: animal proteins in meat, cheese and eggs. After watching all his videos on this subject, I turned vegan overnight.

my full week food supply, Jarek Growin, Howicured

It wasn't easy. Especially resigning from cheese and eggs - my - then - favourite food was hard. But it was worth it!

After just three weeks, I took another blood test, and my cholesterol was 210. 

That is a 14,29% drop in just three weeks, without taking any drugs. 

I continued my vegan diet and achieved a total 22,45% drop in cholesterol in 1 year, reaching 190 mg/dL - without any meds. After four years on a vegan diet, my cholesterol is stable for three years at around 180. It is within the "established" well-being norm. I think it is still too high, but It doesn't bother me. 

That, unfortunately, didn't solve my pains in the wrists, so I had to seek further.

Lesson learned: first, try to cure yourself, and only if it doesn't work, seek expert advice. 

Do not trust any doctor if he does not suggest that food intake plays a crucial role in your chronic disease.


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