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Here is part one of the story about how and why this project started 

My name is Jarek Growin, and I am the founder of I cured myself of 4 "incurable" diseases that doctors sentenced me to live in endless pain for the rest of my life. And I am sure you can do that too. 

I currently do not eat any drugs or supplements and am healthy and pain-free despite the fact doctors wanted me to suffer, eat pills every day and get used to it for the rest of my life. To give you some hope, I will share my long journey with you.

My first fight began in my early childhood (before I can remember) and ended around my 26th birthday. Over 25 years of pain, frustration, endless doctor visits, a few thousand pills swallowed (with side effects like depression and brain fog), and many other unnecessary austerities (self-isolation, social fun restriction) could have been avoided. What was the diagnosis?

My first chronic disease: I was diagnosed with severe atopic dermatitis (

To highlight severe: One year at high school, I had to avoid sunlight in summer and always wear long sleeves and a hat because my skin was burning immediately after sun exposure. "Photoallergy", doctors called it… 

I learned the hard way that "for a hammer, everything is a nail" and that Medical Doctors, despite their best efforts, can't cure even their children when complying with their best modern medicine practices. 

I was diagnosed (and unsuccessfully "vaccinated" to stop allergy) with the following allergies: mould, dust, rice "out of scale" allergy, milk (in all forms), sweets, cats, chocolate, ketchup, butter, mustard, mayonnaise, eggs, grasses. 

I was put on anti-histamine drugs, so my symptoms would be bearable and I could function. And I “functioned” like this for years.

I tried all top-notch medical doctors: hospital directors and university professors. Just to get a "you have atopic eczema, and you have to live with that” diagnosis. “We will give you more steroids pills and ointments for the skin" treatment.  I thankfully used steroids on the most severe days (did you know they stop working after a few uses?).

At some point at the age of 26, where all my hands, neck, body was red and itchy with eczema, I decided that we live in the 21st century and dark ages in medicine cannot continue. There must be people around the world that cured successfully and permanently eczema. And I also have to try everything no matter what the medicine authorities (doctors) say. 

I tried to treat myself with everything that was supposed to work for eczema - all possible alternative treatments for eczema and allergies that I could get (oregano oil, magnetic therapy, bio-resonance, single food diets). A lot of time and money was wasted with no success.

I have an engineering background and was always good in physics, maths, biology and chemistry. So I decided to sit down together and did the classical root cause analysis. Like "5 Whys" in IT projects, but this time we took diseases, the environment and the human body into consideration. 

Despite what medical authorities say, I very quickly concluded that eczema is… not a disease itself. It’s a symptom. The problem is not directly on your skin. The skin is just a medium by which your body tells you that there are pathogens getting out from inside you. 

The only logical conclusion is that eczema/atopic skin disorder is a signal from your body telling you that something more serious is going on inside you.

I listed a few possible root causes (underlying diseases), and I chose to focus on the most possible one in my gut feeling - parasite infestation. I tried parasite tests many times before, but they all returned "clear". 

This time I didn't care what the medical tests said. And I was right. My friend doctor, M.D, confirmed to me what I've learned the hard way - it is very hard to find parasites via common blood or stool tests (chance to confirm the infestation is about 3-5% even if you have parasites because of their reproduction cycles that take up to 30 days). 

I have done another meta-research (analysis of existing researches) - what are the best anti-parasite pills? I analysed what they use in Africa (where parasites are everywhere and more severe), and we decided to use those treatments. Globalisation is here, so we have the same pills available in Europe, the USA and Africa. 

I asked a good doctor to write the prescription. He said it should not make much difference, but he will write me the prescription to make me feel better. He wrote the pills that I asked him, and he added two more anti-parasite drugs just "to be sure" like he would typically do in anti-parasite treatment.

After one week of eating the right pills for my root cause - my symptoms were much better. The itching stopped, no more new bursts of eczema happened. The complete therapy consisted of 3 different and cheap drugs - the total cost of treatment was about 50$. Drugs were given one week after another (one drug at a time) to kill and flush everything that could be inside me. And it was in total just nine pills. 

After the first three months, my eczema was almost gone. The process was repeated after three months with complete success. After a total of six months since the first pill, I had no sign of eczema. I had one setback after nine months, and then just after a 1-week booster therapy (the same drugs in lesser quantity), eczema was forever gone. I was 27 years old… Finally healthy after all those years. Able to eat what I wanted, including rice - with no allergies. 

Now I am 35 years old and have had no relapse of eczema since then.

This was the first lesson and a spark that made me think we have a broken system to fix


I had to force the best-known doctor to give me a successful treatment that I have found myself. 

Thankfully he was open-minded, but this created a lot of doubts in me about the medical system as a whole. Why didn't any doctor suggest that the eczema is just a symptom and to seek further? 

Why didn't the professors I met try to cure the root causes, or even do a proper root cause analysis? 

Are they biased on purpose or just all incompetent? If I, without any medical background, could cure a disease that lasted 25 years, why doctors couldn't?

My entire life, they just treated me with anti-histamine drugs to lessen the symptoms, which (now I know) doesn't make any sense. If I, as a non-doctor, could find the root cause in 2 days, why any doctors couldn't do a proper analysis? Shouldn't they have more knowledge? What did I pay them for? Keeping me sick?

Unfortunately, I learned that doctors are taught while making their scientific titles to…. manage chronic diseases and make them bearable, not cure them permanently… 

Curing diseases permanently is bad for the pharmaceutical business which sponsors almost all medical research. And most doctors are afraid to do something that is not confirmed by big pharma research because they can lose their well-paid job or even license if they do not follow official guidelines. 

We do not have such a burden here. We don’t care about the pharmaceutical business on, we care about eliminating diseases permanently. We will provide you with the knowledge about how to cure all possible diseases no matter the obstacles.

I believe it is possible to cure every chronic disease, and am very motivated to gather all possible treatments in one place. 


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