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Treatment for disease:breast cancer

Currently, the main method of "treating" breast cancer is mastectomy: removing a part of or the entire breast by surgical methods; radiotherapy: administering harmful radiation to the woman's body in the hope that cancer will die first, or chemotherapy: poisoning the body with harmful substances in the hope, that cancer will die before the patient does. Below you will find other methods that have been confirmed by those who have successfully healed.

About this treatment

Water fasting is a natural and one of the safest ways to heal from severe diseases or injuries. The most important part however is refeeding that takes place after a prolonged (longer than 5 days) water fast. It must be done carefully and with proper food not to lose the healing effect or even harm yourself after digestion tract will be like newborns.

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Applies for root causes

  • toxins in body
  • toxic diet
  • digestive tract intoxication
  • junk food

Full treatment description

Water Fasting: Natural Therapy from Regeneration to Health Rebuilding

Water fasting is one of the most natural and safe methods of regenerating the body in case of serious ailments or injuries.  This practice, which has been an integral part of health strategies for centuries, relies on the instinct shared by all mammals - including humans - to use water fasting for internal restoration and healing.

Key Aspects of Water Fasting

  • Physiological Mechanisms: Water fasting initiates a number of processes in the body, including detoxification, cell regeneration and metabolism optimization.  During fasting, the body goes into the so-called  ketosis, using stored energy resources and contributing to the regeneration of tissue DNA and cells.
  • Importance of the Refeeding Process: The key element of water fasting is a properly conducted process of returning to eating, called refeeding.  This is a critical moment that determines the maintenance of the therapeutic effects of fasting.  The initiation of food intake must be gradual and well-balanced to avoid shock to the digestive system.
  • Length of Fasting: Water fasts can last from several days to several weeks.  Longer fasts (over 5 days) require a particularly careful approach and are best performed under the care of a specialist.

Educational Resources on Water Fasting

Dr. Alan Goldhammer: A renowned expert in water fasting, Dr. Goldhammer has conducted research and therapy with 40-day water fasts.  His two-hour film is a treasure trove of knowledge about the effects and methodology of water fasting.


Loren Lockman: As a naturopath and fasting expert, Loren Lockman does not use medications or supplements, focusing solely on diet and water fasting.  His YouTube channel is full of valuable information and practical tips.


How I Cured the Incurable: My book offers a detailed account of my personal journey with water fasting, which helped me overcome rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.  The book is available here.

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