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Treatment for disease:mycoplasma pneumonia

Severe cough, that is highly contagious and lasts over a few weeks or even months. In adults, usually co-exists with joint inflammation and atopic dermatitis caused by bacteria in your bloodstream. Does not want to heal on itself.

About this treatment

Starting with mega doses of vitamin C, then vitamin D, herbs, even fasting: 4 days of dry fasting combined with 3 days of water fasting. I know that pneumonia takes longer to heal with fasting, about 15 days (or 5 dry days), but there was no improvement in my cough… After 7 days of inability to sleep due to coughing and pain in my and my baby's ear - my strong will broke, and I switched to modern medicine. Here's what I used, what my pediatrician, a pulmonologist with 40 years of experience in lung diseases: M.D. PhD Tadeusz Grochowina, prescribed me.

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Applies for root causes

  • mycoplasma pneumonia bacteria

Full treatment description

It worked for me and my three children who infected me after a month of home coughing. This disease in children many times seemed to improve temporarily, only to return with increased strength. Groprinosin, herbs, sage, zatogrips, ibuprofen, vitamin C and other syrups did not help me or the children.

I ate only raw fruit and cooked carrots and peas when I came out of the fast. I continued a 95% raw food diet while on antibiotics. I introduced antibiotics, on the second day after the end of the fast.

The successful therapy was as follows:

Powder inhalation to stop the most severe cough
Sumamed antibiotic to heal mycoplasma

Step 1:

For three consecutive days: 

  • 1 pill a day of Sumamed (azithromycin) 500g (around 15:00) - 2 hours after the latest meal and 15 minutes before the last meal. Once a day.
  • 2x a day a powder inhalation “asaris” consisting of Fluticasone propionate + Salmeterol. When I was coughing the most: in the morning and before going to sleep.
  • At the third day my cough was almost non-existent and I almost forgot I was sick.

For children: 

Sumamed forte for children. Tastes like candy. 
Sumamed forte for children
  • I gave my children Sumamed Forte instead of the pill.
  • As prescribed by the doctor. 4ml for 4-year old, 3mm for 3-year old, and 2,5mm for 1,5-year old child. Once a day, 15min before their last meal.
  • Kids got a 70% raw fruit and 30% vegetable diet.

Step 2:

  • 2 days off antibiotics. Applies to children and adults.
  • If you are in a serious condition and after discontinuation of the antibiotic it is worse - you can restore them and shorten the break.
  • Continue inhaling the powder if you feel an intense cough.

After 2 days again repeat once Step 1, but without inhalations (only if they are needed). 

The total number of days for the therapy is 3+2+3=8

The dosage of medicine depends on your body mass. Ask your doctor for precise doses. In my case my and my children's BMI is around 20-21. 

Treating ears infection: 

Me and my eldest child (4 years old) started having ear pain even before the therapy, so the doctor prescribed us sulfacetamide. They are eye drops, but they work very well when applied to the ears 1-2 times a day. It just works. You have to fill your ear with it when going to sleep.

Treatment of AD and skin rashes:

The rashes on my body, which had developed a few days before the cough started, began to heal on their own after using azithromycin (Sumamed). I also used propolis ointment with tansy to speed up the healing of wounds that looked like burns. According to the doctor, it sometimes happens that mycoplasma manifests itself only in rashes on the skin, without coughing, which is why it is very difficult to recognize. A ton of things can induce eczema. Mycoplasma bacteria too. 

This method of treatment shows that in case of acute non-chronic diseases, modern medicine works very fast and efficiently, provided that the diagnosis is accurate. Anti-viral medicine or normal antibiotics would not improve that condition at all. 

A very good support in the treatment is to make an infusion/tea from fresh elderberry flowers that bloom in June.

It is important to note, that children without proper antibiotics for a month and a half could not cope with coughing. After the introduction of azithromycin, just like in my case, within 3 days there was a clear improvement in all my children, which was gradual from the first day from eating the remedy.

After healing, do a liver detox to get rid of the residue from the pharmacology used.



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