mycoplasma pneumonia

mycoplasma, atypical pneumonia

Severe cough, that is highly contagious and lasts over a few weeks or even months. In adults, usually co-exists with joint inflammation and atopic dermatitis caused by bacteria in your bloodstream. Does not want to heal on itself.


Caused by the bacterium Mycoplasma pneumoniae, whereas simple pneumonia can be caused by various bacteria, viruses, fungi, or other pathogens. Mycoplasma feeds inside T-cells, the immune response cells that should fight them in the first place. That is why they are so hard to get rid of without an outside cure. 

Atypical presentation: Mycoplasma pneumonia often presents as atypical pneumonia, characterized by milder symptoms, gradual onset, non-productive cough, and extrapulmonary manifestations (such as sore throat, headache, muscle aches and rashes) in addition to respiratory symptoms.

Mycoplasma pneumonia is one of the smallest bacteria that attacks humans, it lacks a cell wall, making it resistant to most antibiotics, such as penicillin, that target cell wall synthesis. Simple pneumonia-causing bacteria have cell walls and can be targeted by a broader range of antibiotics.

Transmission: Mycoplasma pneumoniae is primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets from person to person, while simple pneumonia can have various modes of transmission depending on the causative agent (e.g., airborne, direct contact).

Radiological findings: Chest X-rays or imaging of individuals with Mycoplasma pneumonia may show patchy or diffuse infiltrates, whereas simple pneumonia may present with lobar consolidation or other characteristic patterns depending on the infecting organism.

Treatment: Mycoplasma pneumonia requires specific antibiotics such as macrolides or tetracyclines, because normal antibiotics target bacteria cell walls which mycoplasma doesn't have.

a co-factor that often exists with mycoplasma are skin rashes of unknown origin, together with cough. This is an eczeme on inside of thigh.
Eczema on the inside of the thigh or around the hip, which starts together with infection can be a sign of mycoplasma. Usually, the rashes are symmetrical on both sides of the body and do not limit to legs. 

Complications: Mycoplasma pneumonia is associated with extrapulmonary complications like skin rashes, neurological disorders (such as encephalitis), and hemolytic anemia. When not treated, it can infect ears and lead to deafness.


Mycoplasma is often misdiagnosed with normal pneumonia of viral origin. In fact, it is very problematic to diagnose because you need to see blood results. A combination of: high CRP, high total IgE, high neutrocytes, low lymfocytes and normal other results may indicate that you deal with mycoplasma. You can test IgM and IgE against mycoplasma in blood serum. The lab test takes ~4 days, but can be false-negative when the infection is in a severe state. The best way to get diagnosed is to visit a Medical Doctor that has at least 20 years of pulmonary experience and can perform USG of lungs to see the changes. Such a specialist will also know if there is a current outbreak in your region or not. 


  • ear pain
  • severe cough
  • very long cough that just doesn't go away
  • atopic skin disorder
  • eczema on legs
  • joint pain
  • cough without mucus
  • cough at day and night


  • raw diet and azithromycin

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    Starting with mega doses of vitamin C, then vitamin D, herbs, even fasting: 4 days of dry fasting combined with 3 days of water fasting. I know that pneumonia takes longer to heal with fasting, about 15 days (or 5 dry days), but there was no improvement in my cough… After 7 days of inability to sleep due to coughing and pain in my and my baby's ear - my strong will broke, and I switched to modern medicine. Here's what I used, what my pediatrician, a pulmonologist with 40 years of experience in lung diseases: M.D. PhD Tadeusz Grochowina, prescribed me.

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