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Currently, the main method of "treating" breast cancer is mastectomy: removing a part of or the entire breast by surgical methods; radiotherapy: administering harmful radiation to the woman's body in the hope that cancer will die first, or chemotherapy: poisoning the body with harmful substances in the hope, that cancer will die before the patient does. Below you will find other methods that have been confirmed by those who have successfully healed.

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A hoax or a working treatment? Who's right? Scientists or conspiracy theorists?

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You can come across a lot of information on the Internet about amygdalin, also known as vitamin B17, and the fact that it supposedly cures cancer in super-high doses.  E.g:

Eating apricot seeds or taking laetrile extract intravenously has an effectiveness of 80 to 90% in dealing with early stage cancer and up to 70% in advanced stages of cancer.

In my experience, I do not recommend this method of treatment because supplements are not a way to get rid of cancer.  Dry fasting used cyclically with an appropriate raw plant diet is the most effective factor in reducing cancer, according to my observations.

But back to the topic:

Is Amygdalin a lie?

So where does so much information that gives hope to cancer patients come from?

  • First of all: anyone who sends the exact amounts that were supplemented in the experiments given by Dr. Greger disproving the effect of amygdalin - unfortunately, he does not provide sources where these studies from the Mayo Clinic are, and I did not find anything like that on the Mayo website .  There is only this study: , but it lacks specifics.
  • Secondly: Even in the comments to this video on YouTube, you can find a large group of people confirming that in their families many people cured themselves by eating apricot seeds instead of using chemotherapy.  Below is a screenshot:

Well, most of the information and conspiracy theories about b17 come from this book: World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin

I admit that once, when I was still in college (15 years ago?), I read this book and was surprised by the amount of evidence the author provides regarding conspiracy theories, how the Rockefellers manipulated the medical world, that it was all their fault, etc. It is written so persuasively that I believed in it myself for a moment.

The problem is that this is all Griffin describes... just in the real world, where the patient fights the disease - it usually does not work, because the cancer is not caused by a deficiency of vitamin B17 (although vitamin is a lot of saying, because there is no such vitamin ).  That would be too trivial.

Basically, there is no single factor that causes cancer for 100% - it is always a combination of many different factors and deficiencies are rarely involved - more often it is caused by an excess of e.g. processed food in the diet and other crap that our body, through evolution, he has never had the opportunity to encounter nature and now he is bombarded with them from every side.

If you want to know if John David Rockefeller is really behind the medical conspiracy - read the book Titan.  It presents the impressive history of his family, where his fortune came from (he simply never gave up and pursued his goals with maniacal persistence) and what his priorities were in life.  It is much more factually written and documented.

Tę książkę mogę polecić jeśli wierzysz w teorie spiskowe na temat B17

Back to the topic of amygdalin treatment: There is a lot of controversy and various contradictions on the subject.

  • Some claim that the studies denying the effects of amygdalin are because they were not performed on patients who ate natural apricot seeds, but on patients who ate synthetic amygdalin (leatril).  There are thousands of other substances in apricot seeds that act coherently as catalysts and enzymes, so it cannot be said that it is only one substance that does the job.  It is the force of nature in the seed that is biocidal and kills cancer cells first.
  • Moreover, amygdalin and leatril are two different substances.  Leatril is synthetic, which is even confirmed by the website:  , below is the quote:

Although the names laetrile, Laetrile, vitamin B-17, and amygdalin are often used interchangeably, they are not the same product.

  • Others claim that there are studies documenting the anti-cancer effects of amygdalin, e.g.:  and Dr. Greger was fooled by the manipulations.
  • I agree with those who say that chemotherapy and radiotherapy are also toxic, even more so than apricot seeds, so attacking the toxicity of seeds when using conventional chemicals is at least strange.


I admit that there are a lot of contradictions on this topic and the quality of the research is low and it does not confirm anything. In my opinion, eating apricot seeds in quantities that do not exceed the number of whole apricots that a person can eat in a day without overeating - should not harm you.  If you like them, eat them.  Fresh, from your own apricots, they can even be tasty. However, I wouldn't count on it magically helping you. Listen to your body.  

Since it's not harmful in reasonable amounts, you can try adding it to your menu, but without exaggerating.  A handful is probably fine, but if you eat a kilogram of these seeds, you can hurt yourself.  If you feel that it doesn't help and only makes it worse - stop taking it.

In my opinion, you certainly cannot use apricot seed supplementation as the only anticancer agent, because it simply may not be enough.  You need to change the entire diet to a healthier, more strict one, and it is best to eat "what wants to be eaten" during treatment, i.e. the diet I described in my book.

There are other alternative ways to fight cancer, especially water fasting, and even dry fasting is advisable in the early stages of cancer.  See more at 


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