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Treatment for disease:breast cancer

Currently, the main method of "treating" breast cancer is mastectomy: removing a part of or the entire breast by surgical methods; radiotherapy: administering harmful radiation to the woman's body in the hope that cancer will die first, or chemotherapy: poisoning the body with harmful substances in the hope, that cancer will die before the patient does. Below you will find other methods that have been confirmed by those who have successfully healed.

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The Gerson Therapy is a natural contemporary, biological treatment, either self-administered at home or under physician supervision, which uses the body's own healing mechanisms for the elimination of debilitat­ing ailments. It was introduced to Western industrialized nations more than sixty years ago by Max Gerson, M.D. ( 1 881-1959). This revolution­ary dietary program was so far advanced at the time of its development that no scientific rationale was available to explain why it produced rever­sal of chronic and infectious diseases. But because it actually cured patients with advanced tuberculosis, diabetes, migraines, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, skin disorders, and numerous other life-threatening con­ ditions, the Gerson Therapy has long since established itself as a major contributor to the medical armamentarium.

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  • toxins in body
  • wrong diet
  • unhealthy diet

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After his two Washington, D.C.-based investigators, a physician and an attorney, reported back to Senator Claude Pepper (D-Florida) that Dr Max  Gerson did, indeed, have a successful treatment for cancer for the first time in history, the United States Senate invited a medical doctor to demonstrate his specific therapeutic approach for curing cancer.  Ac­cordingly, Dr Gerson brought five of his cured cancer patients ad the records of five more for presentation before the Pepper-Neely anticancer subcommittee of the  Senate  Committee on  Foreign  Relations of the Seventy-ninth Congress.


The impressive testimony of this anticancer specialist and his patients caused Senator Pepper to call a press conference for bringing information about the Gerson Therapy before the media. However, massive numbers of lobbyists for the immensely wealthy Pharmaceutical  Manufacturers' Association  (PMA), the American Medical Association  (AMA), and the American  Cancer  Society  (ACS)  prevailed on reporters to ignore the Gerson press conference and attend a cocktail party instead where free food would be served and libations would be Rowing. The only reporter who preferred to hear the Gerson presentation was American  Broad­casting Corporation newscaster  Raymond  Gram  Swing.  During World 
War II, Mr Swing had been a famous war correspondent on a par with Edward R. Murrow.  He attended and took copious notes at the Senate press conference for use in his East Coast

6:00 P.M.  ABC network broadcast of Wednesday,  July 3, 1946.  Here is what  Raymond Gram  Swing broadcast then throughout the United States: hope have my values right if, instead of talking tonight about the agreement reached on Trieste by the Foreign Minister in Paris, on the con­tinuing crisis of the OPA in Washington, or President Truman signing of the Hobbs anti-racketeering bill, I talk about a remarkable healing before a Senate Subcommittee in Washington yesterday on cancer and the need for cancer research in new fields.

A bill is before Congress, the Pepper-Neely bill, to appropriate a hundred million dollars for cancer research with something like the zeal and bigness with which it went for the release of atomic energy, turning the job over to the scientists with resources generous enough to solve the problem.


This alone would make a good theme for a broadcast, just an example of the use a great democracy can make of its intelligence and wealth. 
But the subject has been made peculiarly gripping by unprecedented happenings yesterday before the subcommittee which is holding hearings on this bill, and of which Senator Pepper is chairman. He invited a witness, a refugee scientist, now a resident of New York, Dr Max Gerson, and Dr Gerson placed on the stand, in quick succession, five patients. They were chosen to represent the principal prevailing types of cancer, and in each instance, they showed that the Gerson treatment had had what is conservatively called a "favourable effect on the course of the disease."


That in itself is remarkable, but it is the more so because Dr Gerson's treatment consists mainly of a diet that he has evolved after a lifetime of research and experimentation. To say that Dr Gerson has been curing cancer by a dietary treatment is medically impermissible, for the reason that there must be five years without recurrence before such a statement is allowed. Dr Gerson has cured tuberculosis and other illnesses with his diet, but in the U.S.A. he has only been working on can­cer for four and a half years.


You can read more in the book: The Gerson Therapy: The Proven  Nutritional Program  for Cancer  and Other  Illnesses 

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