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  • Notifications about any updates or new treatments to the observed diseases
  • Ability to create and edit disease pages
  • Ability to create treatments
  • You can create about page of yourself where you describe your experience. Your treatments are linked there
  • You can add and view comments on disease pages
  • Access to all treatment methods
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  • Access to comments section on Treatment page
  • Notifications about treatment updates
  • Yes, our pricing is so simple!
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After signing up, buy access to the Disease you want directly from the Treatment Page you are interested in. Buying access from the Treatment Page grants access to all other Treatments for the given Disease.

If you seek a treatment

  1. Search for the disease at or our main page
  2. Go to the disease page, where you can see all treatments summaries.
  3. You will receive access to ALL present and future treatments available for that disease for a single price!
  4. Confirm in the dashboard whether the treatment you try works or not.
  5. Only if the Treatment works, the author will get the commission.

If the disease does not exist on our platform

You can add a disease to Howicured and become the content creator. If you want to become a moderator, please get in touch with us at


  1. In the Dashboard Add new Disease, fill the description and symptoms
  2. Go to newly added Disease and click Add New Treatment
  3. Describe how you cured your disease in a precise way that can be replicated at home.
  4. Publish the changes and share the news with the world

If you have more questions about Howicured, please read our FAQ

Remember to rate your treatment

You can do that in your user dashboard. We will send you reminders to do that. Money from your payment will go to the treatment author - only if you confirm, the treatment works or you will not rate the treatment within 12 months.

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