Combined Protocol: Dr. Ellie Philips Complete Mouth Care System + Gabe Arrud Natural Techniques

| Jarek Growin

Treatment for disease:toothache, receding gums

How to cure teeth that are suitable for fillings or even root canal treatment. How to cure receding gums. At home and without the help of a dentist (but based on advice from the dentist).

About this treatment

The best of two techniques: Dr. Ellie Philips' Complete Mouth Care System + Gabe Arrud's Natural Techniques - Combined in One Dental Repair Protocol

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Jarek Growin

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Applies for root causes

  • lack of sufficient tooth mineralization
  • streptococcus mutans
  • Porphyromonas gingivalis
  • too much plaque
  • too many harmful bacteria in the mouth
  • other bacteria
  • lack of appropriate conditions to enable teeth to heal themselves

Full treatment description

I wrote about the topic of how to cure your teeth without a dentist here on the blog: where I describe the protocol of Dr. Ellie Philips - a dentist with 50 years of experience.

I'm only on the 7th day of this protocol and I can see the effects: my teeth are much smoother and more pleasant to the tongue, they shine, but unfortunately I'm afraid that in my case it will be too little / too late.  As it turned out, I had a tooth that needed root canal treatment.  I even have a recording of the tomography analysis of my jaw that I performed and where the sad diagnosis is made, here it is:


Tooth No. 7 broke down where... the old filling fell out.  What I hate and what I wrote about in the book.  Unfortunately, fillings have a lifespan of 6 years and that's it.  After this time, micro-cracks occur, allowing bacteria to enter underneath, causing tooth destruction.

It wasn't visible and it didn't hurt me.  I went to the dentist just to check what hurts me sometimes when I bite something hard on my left side.  When she started drilling, it turned out that she was about to drill into the root and start a root canal... And there was no time, because we had scheduled a diagnostic test.  So I asked for the tooth to be closed and the medicine wasn't even given, although I'll probably change that.  Tooth no. 6 next to it doesn't look good either... It's the one whose photo can be seen on the website:

And now ATTENTION: the photo is drastic, because after drilling tooth no. looks like this:







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