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Treatment for disease:lyme disease

Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis, is a bacterial infection primarily transmitted to humans through the bite of infected black-legged ticks (Ixodes scapularis and Ixodes pacificus) in regions where the disease is prevalent. It is caused by the spirochete bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi.

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Many people suffer from Lyme disease after being bitten by a tick despite receiving treatment as soon as possible and undergoing antibiotic therapy. 

Some suffer from it to the point where they are unable to function in society due to joint pain or facial nerve paralysis. However, all symptoms can be effectively treated with holistic treatments for the entire body. There are several options that are sufficient depending on how well your body defends itself. The simplest and most pleasant is hyperbaric oxygen therapy - HBOT.


Realistically, it takes about 30-40 2.5 ATA HBOT treatments in a hyperbaric medical chamber to cure Lyme disease. But what if it doesn't help or the healing effect does not last?

In such case water fasting should be introduced, preferably in combination with HBOT 

There are documented cases of people who used HBOT and then water fasting to cure Lyme disease and managed to get rid of all the symptoms of the disease within 21 days. I invite you to watch reports from this approach:



What if it still doesn't work or we want to heal faster? 
Then dry fasting should be used.
Some people have cured themselves of Lyme disease with dry fasting alone and have written books about it:

https://www.amazon.com/Starving-Heal-Siberia-Recovery-Late-Stage-ebook/dp/B0B9YS3GP3  For Michelle B. Slater, PhD, it took 2 months because she was in such a bad condition that she had to do several shorter dry fasts instead of one longer one. Such fasts are very often performed in East Asia, for example in the clinic of Dr. Sergey Filonov.  Dry fasting itself is simpler than it seems and can be done anywhere in the world. There are many reports of people who did it on their own (up to 13 days without water and food) while working.

I myself went through 7 days of dry fasting just to try it.  Personally, I prefer it over water fasting because you can achieve the same results three times faster and you don't feel dizzy or terribly cold. Real treatment begins on the 8th day, when all parasites and pathogens are killed in your body, and from the 9th day your body begins to eat viruses and bacteria, which are the sources of many problems, such as Lyme disease.

Here is a book by Dr. Sergey Filonov on this subject https://www.amazon.com/Questions-Answers-About-Dry-Fasting/dp/B09JRTTVCS  

It is best to use hyperbaric oxygen above 2.4 ATA in combination with dry fasting - it is the strongest, holistic method of healing the entire body in the world.

During the first dry fast, your energy level drops to about 20% and it is difficult to endure it.  It is true that some people recover immediately on dry fasting and have endless reserves of energy.  This is the case if a person has been poisoning himself with some toxic food every day for years, which is harmful to him - and he is not aware of it.  Usually, however, your body is weakened when you start a dry fast and you will be lacking in energy.  If you do it straight away without any previous experience with water fasting, you may give up unnecessarily easily.

If you want to cure Lyme disease quickly, combining fasting with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the fastest and most effective solution, because dry fasting works three times faster than water fasting and cures some things that water fasting cannot cure, such as cancer (although this usually requires many 11-13 day sessions).  Due to the lack of water combined with the lack of food, very strong autophagy is triggered and your body "eats" all the non-perfect cells of your body to recycle resources.  After a few days of dry fasting, cancer cells, viruses and bacteria become... food for your hungry body.

HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) above 2 atmospheres not only additionally helps in the fight against the disease, but also oxygenates you - even if you are extremely anemic.  Hyperbaria gives you the strength you need to survive if you have to fast in everyday work conditions, and not in holiday isolation from everything in the mountains or by the sea.  At the same time, it accelerates detox, neutralizes toxins released into the bloodstream and makes this whole dry fasting process bearable.  Without it, it is an extremely difficult experience.

By combining HBOT with dry fasting, you can cure antibiotic-resistant, long-term Lyme disease within 11-13 days, and not suffer from it for months.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy itself is simple - just enter the medical chamber every day for a treatment in 2.5 atmospheres for 120 minutes.  Preferably from the first day of starting the fast until the first meal again.

The most important thing in dry fasting, as well as in water fasting, is to enter it well and exit it well.

To start fasting: it is best to eat only fresh, raw fruit 2 days before.  You don't want to have anything hard to digest or toxic in your intestines because it will make it harder for you.  Fruits are the most easily digestible food in the world - it is not without reason that we can eat them straight from trees and bushes in their original, unprocessed form.

Then stop eating and drinking in the morning for the next 11-13 days (as long as you can stand it!).  Isn't it simple?

If you feel that you have no strength left, you can break the fast after 7 days with fruit, take a break on a fruit diet for 2-7 days and try to fast again.

For fasts shorter than 6 days, simply end the fast by eating only fresh fruit for 1-2 days, and then gradually add one new food a day (to detect if you have an intolerance to a certain food, which you may not have known when eating it). food for life).

To break out of a dry fast that lasts longer than 5 days:

You should switch from a dry fast to water fast, which means drink only water, preferably in small sips and never more than 2-3 glasses per hour, so as not to flush electrolytes from the body!  Drink only water for a period of time that is preferably half the time of a dry fast, i.e. for 10 days of dry fasting we have 5 days of water fasting.  Don't drink more than 2 glasses of water per hour, otherwise you will flush out your electrolytes.  It's best to start slowly by sipping the water.  During the water fasting stage, your Lyme disease should have disappeared, but the point is for your body to cleanse itself calmly with water.  You can also skip the water fast if you have less than 4% body fat, but then expect severe body detoxification reactions after the first meals, rheumatic pain and other various ailments related to the fact that toxins in your body will be mixed immediately with food and reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

During the period of adaptation to eating again, do not mix different food ingredients in one meal for as long as possible.  Eat mono-ingredient meals, preferably consisting of one type of fruit per meal.  For example, grapefruits for breakfast, watermelon for the second meal, mango for the third meal or other combinations.  The healthiest fruits are always those that are fresh and that you grow yourself without artificial chemicals.

Then you should switch to eating, just like with a water fast.  I always go out eating only fruit for at least a week, ideally 2-6 weeks.  Preferably freshly picked grapes (they quickly purify and this always brings relief) and what grows in your garden or grapefruits.  This is especially important until you start having normal poops at least twice a day - for at least 3 days in a row.  This is a sign that the digestive system is back in shape and you can add more to the stove.  If you don't have your own plants, buy organic watermelon, mango, papaya in the store or, if you have experience, organic grapefruit (citrus fruits cause intestinal laxation the fastest, but also strong cleansing reactions, so if this is your first fast, you may suffer a bit for 1- 3 days. Don't worry, this is normal. Your kidneys will filter it out and you will excrete any toxins in your urine. Eat enough fruit, but so you don't overeat. Listen to your body. If you don't feel hunger - don't force yourself to eat. If you feel hungry, eat something, but never so much that your stomach hurts from overeating.

If you don't have fruit, e.g. because you live at the Pole - before you start fasting, buy white, unroasted buckwheat and sprout it the day before you start eating again (pour it on a large plate or a sprouter, if you have one, and fill it with cold water for 24 hours).  Boil the sprouted fruit for 3 minutes to get rid of any mold.  You can eat it with water and, for example, some lettuce such as arugula, spinach or sauerkraut.  Buckwheat contains all the amino acids needed for life, and the goal is that after fasting, you will cleanse your intestines of all the toxic, smelly material that has accumulated in them as a result of burning fat and cleansing the entire body, and sow bacteria that will build a beneficial microbiome in your sterilized by fasting digestive system.

After a week of starting to eat, gradually add one new ingredient a day to your diet to observe whether something you eat every day is not harmful to you.  I became convinced that all nuts that I ate all my life without restrictions, because they were supposed to be healthy for me, were harmful to me.  I suffered terribly from them when I introduced them to my food again - especially the next day.  If you suffer after eating something after fasting, do not eat it again, even if you believed that it was supposed to be healthy.  Simple and effective. Thanks to that you will quickly learn what harmed you. Refraining from eating nuts keeps my body healthy to this day. Listen to your body.

Remember that nuts, grains and animal proteins are the hardest for your newly awakened digestive system to digest and never start eating them again, but add them to your menu as late as possible - or not at all ;).  Then you do not introduce unnecessary toxins into the body, such as lectins or alkaloids, which plants and animals use to protect themselves from being eaten, causing the body to weaken against pathogens and lifestyle diseases, as well as a whole spectrum of chronic diseases that weaken your will to live.

Ideally, your diet should stay fruit and vegetable for as long as possible, with a strong emphasis on fruit and things that do not require cooking.  Eat "what wants to be eaten" - fruit has a complete set of vitamins needed for health and has everything you need to live without drugs and supplements, eating only them (well, maybe apart from the sun's rays to produce vitamin D3).  They are the product of a plant intended by a life form that has been evolving for billions of years - the mother plant - to be eaten by a fruit eater and scattered with seeds, preferably with the ideal fertilizer, which is its excrement.  Treat each fruit like the delicious multivitamin that it is and that is superior to all artificial vitamin supplements.


Won't I die from dehydration while dry fasting?

If you have an adequate amount of body fat at the start (at least 15%), then no.  Dehydration of the body occurs under different conditions.  In a situation when your body does not provide any food or fluids, instead of dehydration, the stored fat is burned to obtain water and all the ingredients necessary for life, because fat is nothing more than a warehouse in which your body stores everything needed in case of problems with food availability.  Just as a camel stores water in the form of fat on its humps, so you, dear human, store it in your folds of fat - especially on your belly.  Of course, the process of metabolizing fat into water is extremely complicated and little researched, but the fact is that without water and without food, humans burn about 1 kg of fat a day, or about 9,000 calories.

Therefore, until you burn all the fat, you are unlikely to die from dehydration.  You can buy a medical scale to monitor it and you will see that your hydration level not only does not change, but will actually increase - because your body will start to use much less water to process dry, processed food, which is the most harmful to it and dehydrates it the most. 

During dry fasting, you lose on average 1 kg of fat per day, which for a standard person translates into about 1-2% of body weight. Therefore, you must have enough fat to last the planned number of days. With subsequent dry fasts, the efficiency increases and sometimes there may be days when you burn only 0.5 kg of fat, but it is better to start with the excess.  On a water fast, after the second week, fat burning is only 80 grams per day, so 1 kg of fat will last up to 12 days.

What is the most dangerous during dry fasting?

There is a risk that your body is poisoned and the cleansing reaction will be too intense.  If you get heart palpitations lasting longer than 2 days, or you feel like you are about to die, break your fast.  Fear can kill you too.

Are there any contraindications to dry fasting?

I recommend reading 20 Q&A About dry fasting by Dr. Sergey Filonov, in which the doctor lists them.  However, most of them concern prolonged fasting over 5 days (basically with the exception of type 1 diabetes).  So try in small steps:

first 1 day,

then, after a few days of following a plant-based diet - 2 days of fasting

and so on, increase it by 1 or half a day with each subsequent attempt, until you see that you will learn to recognize when a temporary bad feeling is just a signal of your body detoxifying, or rather of fighting your disease, which will defend itself against being pulled out like a weed with long roots.  Personally, I have broken my dry fast many times after a few days due to overtraining, because it is very easy to overtrain a muscle (e.g. carrying a baby, shopping, etc.) and then the pain does not go away until I eat again.

Can you exercise while fasting?

Yes, but not so much that you sweat.  If you sweat while fasting, you know you've overdone it.  It is true that it is very difficult to sweat while fasting, but it is possible with the effort you are not used to.  While on a dry fast there is no risk other than overtraining, which will cause stabbing muscle pain for a few days after the end of the fast, on a water fast it is more dangerous because you lose valuable electrolytes, which you flush out much more strongly than on a dry fasting.  And when you quickly get rid of more electrolytes than your body can recover from your tissues, the conditions necessary for the conduction of electrical signals in your body will no longer exist.  This ends in instant death.  Just like it happens from time to time to young, fit football players on the pitch who replenish their fluids by drinking water rather than isotonic drinks during a match in the sun.  And don't train new muscle groups, just focus on maintaining the ones you have.

Is it true that I lose muscle while fasting?

Only if you don't use them or if you no longer have visible fat on your body.  Otherwise, you will notice that the muscles will become more visible, and degreased and you will like it.  I have never noticed any muscle loss on my body after fasting.  What's more, after finishing them it is much easier to build muscle mass and strength than before fasting.  A medical scale may suggest that muscle tissue is decreasing, but the accuracy of the method of examining muscle mass using a scale with electrodes under the feet, even during fasting, which is not a standard condition, is, to put it mildly, low.  The body is not stupid and will not impair its physical capabilities necessary to find a meal and survive in the future when it has fat at its disposal, from which it will easily obtain all the energy it needs to function and repair tissues.


This entry does not exhaust all the knowledge I have on this topic, nor what is needed to prevent all possible fasting situations. So if you have any questions, feel free to write in the comments below and I will share my knowledge.  Before starting any fast, I strongly suggest reading books on fasting to calm your insecurities and approach them carefully, in small steps.

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