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Treatment for disease:kidney stones

Kidney stones, medically known as renal calculi, are solid mineral and salt deposits that form in the kidneys. They are one of the most common disorders of the urinary tract, affecting millions of people worldwide. Kidney stones can vary in size and shape, ranging from tiny grains to larger, more complex structures.

About this treatment

Chanca piedra, also known as Phyllanthus niruri or "stonebreaker," is a plant that has been traditionally used in herbal medicine for various purposes, including the treatment of gallbladder stones and kidney stones. It is believed to have properties that may help dissolve or reduce the size of gallstones.

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The easy way

Add 1 tbsp of grounded Chanca Piedra to a glass of warm water. Drink it as the first drink every day. Check your stones on X-rays or USG after 1 and 3 months to monitor the results. 3-4 months should result in the dissolution of most gallbladder and kidney stones. 

To improve the effectiveness, you can make every morning a cleansing smoothie:

  1. 2-3 raw organic lemons, with skins. Just “wash them, and blend them”
  2. 1–2 stalks of celery (for kidney stones) 
  3. 1 tbsp of raw honey
  4. A cup of arugula, dandelion or any other bitter green. Bitter joins lemons very well. 
  5. 0,5 glass of water

Add 1 tbsp of Chanca Piedra to that smoothie instead of adding it to the pure water solution. Mix everything on maximum blender power. When you will be drinking it – chew every “bite” of the smoothie, so your saliva will digest it better. If it tastes awful drink it anyway — next time add more honey or decrease the amount of celery. 

This will result in about 3 glasses of smoothie. Drink all of it, and it will make you full until dinner or even supper. Do not eat anything more if you are not hungry. This will also detoxify your liver in a few weeks. 

Here are some videos I found about Chanca Piedra. They are about kidney stones, but the same rules apply to gallbladder stones.

Diet recommendations: 

When you have been diagnosed with kidney or gallbladder stones - you should try switching to raw plant-based food, mostly fruits with a lot of raw bitter greens, to cleanse your organs, and make more bile until the stones are fully dissolved. 

The hard way (much faster):

You can do a dry fast for 11 days to have the most cleansing effect in the smallest amount of time. It's hard, but it's very efficient and heals your whole body. Here is one of dr Sergiey Filonov patient testimonials: 

The result exceeded all my expectations! Healed of all ills, gone stones from the gallbladder, the sand from the kidney, uterine fibroids disappeared cancer, improved eyesight. I am born again, younger 15 years of age. They say, if without food a person can live month, then with no water will last five days - nonsense! During the dry fast, without taking a single drop of liquid through the mouth, the body receives moisture through breathing and skin. Now preparing for the new achievement - I want to spend without liquid 21 day, and then, like the biblical prophets - 40 days. "
Olga. Kislovodsk.

Read Dr Sergiey Filonov's "20 Q&A About dry fasting" book about fasting before you do that. 


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