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Each year, approximately 200,000 non-traumatic amputations occur. African Americans are 4 times more likely to experience diabetes-related amputation than whites. In the United States, every 17 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes, and every day 230 Americans with diabetes will suffer an amputation. Throughout the world, it is estimated that every 30 seconds a leg is amputated. And 85% of these amputations were the result of a diabetic foot ulcer

About this treatment

This is the way, how I finally cured myself of rheumatoid arthritis. I tried many different approaches: conventional, natural, ayurvedic, dietary, all kinds of supplements. By reading this treatment you will find out precisely what to do to replicate my success and maintain healthy and arthritis-free entire life. It’s a mix of traditional medicine to cure your gums and teeth, water fasting and an elimination diet to heal your guts. I additionally provide dietary instructions to maintain the healthy pain-free state you will achieve. I currently do not eat any drugs or supplements and am healthy and happy with three children. Full description is about 50 pages long.

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Jarek Growin

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Applies for root causes

  • sleep deprivation
  • toxins in body
  • old injuries that healed incorrectly
  • leaky guts syndrome
  • leaky gums syndrome
  • wrong mouth higene
  • bad diet
  • your teeth had been treated incorrectly
  • common food intolerance

Full treatment description

My story:

As the founder of I published my history on our Blog, so if you are interested in finding out more about my story, which led to the creation of Howicured, please read the following:

  1. Part One:
  2. Part Two:

I have personally tried all things I could find, and most didn’t change anything in my RA condition. Sturgeon law ( ) applies to everything, including books, lab tests and scientific research. It caused me a lot of frustration and motivated me to share successful cures with the world. I hope you will avoid wasting your time and money and learn the results without making the same mistakes as I did.

Curing rheumatoid arthritis should take you about 3 months during which:

  • You will fix your gums
  • You will water fast
  • You will refeed
  • You will stick to a proper diet for as long as you can

Here is what I tried and did not work for me:

  1. Common RA drugs
    1. also for treating gout, for example, Milurit (Allopurinol)
    2. most painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen paracetamol or ketoprofen. They are worse in the long run than the pain, because your body will have to detox after using them and they are really bad for your guts. Read the side effects they put on the leaflets They are more common than you think and sometimes hard to notice!
  2. Vegan diet
    1. I read “How not to diet” book by dr Greger and under that influence, I turned vegan because I hoped it may also heal RA.
    2. this made my symptoms better but not entirely and from time to time I had bad relapses
    3. The vegan diet is however great and makes you feel stronger. I am still eating a plant-based diet.
  3. Mega vitamin supplementation
    1. inspired by the book “Doctor Yourself” by Andrew Saul I tried mega vitamin doses of niacin, vitamin C, D3, and potassium.
    2. I felt worse after each pill of niacin and the best after supplementing potassium with high doses of sodium-potassium.
    3. I learned by experience that high doses of vitamin C do work in most acute diseases (I will explain later) and lower inflammation, but it is a quick fix for fewer problems.
  4. Moringa supplement
    1. I watched a video on YouTube: and tried this moringa stuff in various doses (including 1-2 heaped tablespoons a day). No effect. Total scam!
  5. Intermittent fasting: One Meal A Day (OMAD) Vegan diet
    1. I was eating vegan, but still had pain in my feet. I heard about intermittent fasting and decided to eat once a day. I ate every day as much as I could between 19-20 and that's all.
    2. In 180 days I lost 20 pounds, and my body mass stabilized at 74 kilograms (163 pounds).
    3. I felt better and stronger and my RA was weaker, but from time to time it was severe for 1-2 days.
  6. Countless vitamin mixes, and “super food” supplements
    1. countless multivitamins from all possible producers.
    2. Ashwagandha, vilkacora, ginko, rhodiola. You name It - I ate it. Not much effect.
    3. Iodine supplementation (that did a good job of me feeling better temporarily for a week)
  7. Healing with cold (Wim Hof Method)
    1. I tried healing my RA with snow, ice baths, 3 minute cold showers every day. It works, but temporary. Like painkillers with no side effects. Not a permanent solution, but a quick fix after a bad morning that lasts for about 2-3 hours.
  8. Breathing exercises (Wim Hof Method)
    1. Hyperventilation also works temporarily, so you can do that to feel better, but as with any painkiller, the effect wears off after a few hours.
  9. Healing with heat (saunas)
    1. It's a quick fix that can last up to 1-8 hours. It is nice and sometimes lasts long but requires a lot of time every day and still is just temporary. Unfortunately, the more you spend in saunas, the lesser the effect in my experience. It's like RA is adapting…
  10. Exercising despite pain
    1. “You should exercise even if it hurts to improve RA” … those words could be said only by a theoretician who never had RA himself …
    2. I reached 70 push-ups daily despite the pain in my wrists. It didn’t stop the pain. It made it worse. I strongly dis-advice using any limbs that hurt you.
    3. I learned that pain is just a symptom and a signal from your body, that you should stop doing whatever you are doing.
    4. At some point in my RA, I stopped all exercises because each time I exercised the pain only got worse and I couldn’t move after that. I ended with almost 2 years without any exercises before finally curing myself.
  11. Eliminating gluten
    1. Works but to a point where there is no further improvement.
  12. Eliminating all possible grains (Thanks to “No Pain No Grain” book by dr Peter Osbourne)
    1. This was the best improvement, so you may try that.
    2. It’s quite easy to follow. However, some pain persisted in my feet. If you do not have a severe RA this may help you, but it's not the complete ultimate guide.
  13. Raw Vegan Diet
    1. As it seems - you can eat raw and vegan with no grains at all but still eat the wrong kind of stuff and will have RA symptoms. They are much weaker and go away faster, but still… The ingredients are the key.
    2. Diet is ultimately the long-term solution but it depends on what precisely you eat. And when. As Hippocrates quotes: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food", most people do not know the line after that:  "But if you feed the sick one, you will feed the sickness”.

As I have learned the hard way: RA is not because you lack some nutrients in your food. It's because you eat too much toxic (for you) food and have poison inside you. Your body tries to paralyse you with RA to stop putting in more toxins, so it can heal. 

Without those signals, you would probably end up dead from cancer or another silent killer.

So what finally worked for me?

1: Fix your gums and teeth.

  • Pathogens enter your bloodstream through the digestive tract - starting with your teeth and gums. You probably heard of leaky guts syndrome caused by grains and pesticides destroying intestines. The same can happen to your gums - causing leaky gums syndrome which enables pathogens or foreign proteins to enter your bloodstream even in a worse form than in leaky guts - because without any digestion.

2: Water-only fast for as long as you can (from 21 to 45 days)

  • This is the intensive detox that can heal you not only from the symptoms but also from rare RA causes like old incorrectly healed injuries from broken bones or twisted limbs. Your old injuries will in the process hurt as hell for a few days, but will heal again correctly - this time with all the tissue deformation gone and full joint movement.
  • Restricting food is very healthy and has been practised in every religion since the dawn of humanity, so do not be afraid!
  • I fasted for 25 days to heal my RA for the first time. But just water fast is not enough to completely forget about RA!

3: Refeed slowly with proper food

  • Be cautious to introduce new foods slowly and reject them if you feel they make you worse. This is even more important than the fast itself because your intestines will be sterile and what you will put inside you will colonize your guts for months, years or until the next water fast.
  • This is tricky. All people with RA report healing after long enough water fast. The problem is their conditions often return when they start eating again. That is true however only if they continue to eat what hurt them in the first place.
  • When my pain was almost gone after 8 days of water fast - for the first time in years - it felt like leaving a large live concert. You just felt the recent noise of super loud music echoing in your body and this strange vacuum that it's now gone. But you are very happy.

4: After refeeding stick with a lectin-free raw vegan diet for as long as you can.

  • Or rather a low-lectin diet, because every plant has some lectins, but some like tomatoes, cashews and walnuts despite being raw vegan are very high in the bad ones, which makes healing much harder.
  • There are no drugs or supplements needed to complete those steps.
  • as long as you can means 4-6 weeks up to 1-2 years.

The most expensive part is PART 1, but you can skip it if you do not have the budget. 

I have described in detail all the steps and sources in my book “How I Cured The Incurable”. It is almost 300 pages long and covers all explanations about how to fast, break a fast and the logical reasons why to eat and not eat certain foods to cure arthritis the fastest way possible. 

You can buy my book here: /ksiazka. It costs just 19.99 $

Here is a fraction of the Q&A from my book: 

Can I eat bad processed foods after I heal?

  • The short answer is: yes. But remember that eating the wrong food for you caused your pain in the first place and history likes to repeat itself.

Have you had any relapses?

  • I had, after eating badly for many days. But sticking back to a proper diet and eliminating all nuts helped me recover within one or two days, so you can count that as healing a hangover.
  • I also had a relapse in a situation, where I was water fasting for 6 days to cure an acute disease (which I did successfully) and broke my fast by eating a birthday cake. Breaking fast the wrong way can cause you instant RA. But that was before I completely cured my arthritis with a proper diet.
  • The longer I avoid all processed foods, the more rare the relapse. Last year I had 2 relapses, each taking just 1 day. I pinpointed the RA pain specifically to eating walnuts with grains or alcohol. Maybe I was just allergic to walnuts and that caused my RA pain? Nah, that would be too easy. :)

Can you skip parts 1-3 of this treatment and try just the diet?

  • You can, but it probably will take months or even years until your body will achieve the same.
  • Some root causes of rheumatoid arthritis are suspected to be old injuries, that have incorrectly healed (perhaps due to lectins in your diet? - who knows?). I never heard any diet can heal old injuries, but water fasting can.

I do not have any dentists nearby, how to heal my gums and teeth naturally without a dentist?

Teeth decay happens because you eat too much lectins and other anti-nutrients which disable mineral absorption from your intestines and your teeth are nutrient-deprived and thus cannot regenerate. Usually, all kinds of grains and refined sugars in all forms are responsible for that. But not fresh fruits (that includes citruses) - they have enzymes and are designed by nature to be eaten, so are healthy for your teeth creating an alkaline environment in your mouth. 

I strongly suggest you find a dentist, but if you are determined, then read further. You would need to water fast multiple times for teeth and gums to rebuild themselves. They start rebuilding usually after 16 days of the water fast and the 5th day of the dry fast. 

  • Fast until hunger persists longer than a few hours & refeed with healthy food and repeat that cycle as many times in a row until you cure your teeth.

You would have to reduce the amount of sugar eaten during the refeeding (absolutely do not use added sugar, honey is also bad if your fillings drop out), so you should only eat those fruits that are mostly fat like avocado and eliminate the most sweet ones like dates, bananas etc. 

  • Some fillings will certainly drop out at some point of water fast when the tooth cells will rebuild pushing out the artificial filling.
  • The safest way to clean your teeth when your fillings drop out and you will have to eat is just to rinse your mouth with pure water for several minutes. Like oil pulling, but with water. Flossing is also good, but be delicate. If you need to brush your teeth - use activated carbon, not toothpaste. Toothpaste often contains toxic compounds.
  • If you feel pain in your teeth, like when you have a hole and no filling - go to the pharmacy store and buy glove oil and earbuds. Sprinkle this oil on the earbuds and put it in the places where your teeth hurt. You can chew fresh organic ginger slices as a relief to tooth pain. Eat ginger occasionally, it is antiseptic, so it will harm your microbiome if you eat it every day.

Can I eat junk food after I am healthy again?

Again… A single cigarette never killed anyone. But smoking everyday a pack of cigarettes will most likely harm you in the long run. Everything is for humans, the quantities are the game-changers.

The healthier you get, the more junk food you will be able to withstand without pain. Except the situations where you are fully on raw organic diet for a long time. In such a case, you will feel sick even when eating anything non-organic, not to mention serious digestion problems with processed foods. But that's “extreme”: healthy and hard to reach for anyone living in civilization. 

But my grandpa was smoking every day and eating everything and he lived until his 90ties

Mine too. 

But my father and his brother were seriously sick from his childhood (heart disease), and I was too. 

There is a lot of research on rats, which shows that if you will start giving food with pesticides to mice, the first generation that started to eat is fine with that. But each next generation have more disabilities in the newborn to the point the mice cannot reproduce. Terrifying how long-term effects can be caused just by diet. If you do not care about yourself, care about your future children and start a proper cleansing diet at least 1 year before you are planing to have offspring.

You can buy my book with all the details about how I cured my rheumatoid arthritis here: /ksiazka. It costs just 19.99 $ or you can read all the details on my blog or watch my YouTube channel for free, where that information will be shared in shorter articles and videos. 

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