Is it a virus? Is it a fungi? No! Its a bacteria without cell walls! Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Is it a virus? Is it a fungi? No! Its a bacteria without cell walls! Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Sometimes even if you eat the healthiest diet, and do whatever you can to maintain healthy - you will still catch a nasty disease. Especially if you have children in kindergarten, where the diseases just do not stop from jumping between children. 

One day of sleep deprivation is enough to lower your immune system a little and when your lovely child coughs directly into your open mouth while you yawn - there is no such titant, that can withstand that kind of exposition over a longer time period. Especially if its a disease, your body has never fought against. In my case it was mycoplasma pneumonia, which was pretty hard to diagnose. 

The first diagnosis was that it is viral, but I didn't want to take any medication without a certain diagnosis. And I am glad I did so, because all viral tests went negative. However normal bacteria tests also returned negative. 

The best doctor I could find - my father :) said, that based on my blood results and USG scans he is sure it is mycoplasma pneumonia, one of the smallest bacteria out there. Smaller are just viruses. It also has no cell wall like viruses. The worst part is that in human body it attacks and feeds on T-cells, the immune system cells that should fight bacteria in the first place. 

Normally people with mycoplasma pneumonia have a weak cough, lasting like forever, but it gets over at some point. Sometimes though this bacteria wreaks havoc in healthy individuals with strong T-cells, and I suppose I was in this lucky population. It hit me strong after a long party. I thought it was covid again and will spit out my lungs. 

I only use modern medicine, when all the natural ways do not work. And in this case my body just told me, that this is a heavy case, and I will be sick for months if I do not do something about that. I wanted to be cured within a week. Finally I managed to cure it within a week… since starting a proper therapy. 

This disease can be cured fast using proper antibiotics and I strongly suggest you do that.

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I am very happy, that Howicured is a place, where I can gather all possible treatments - alternative, modern conventional and chineese - in one place. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Lets focus on the best parts of all of them. 

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