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Each year, approximately 200,000 non-traumatic amputations occur. African Americans are 4 times more likely to experience diabetes-related amputation than whites. In the United States, every 17 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes, and every day 230 Americans with diabetes will suffer an amputation. Throughout the world, it is estimated that every 30 seconds a leg is amputated. And 85% of these amputations were the result of a diabetic foot ulcer

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My Grandmother died of diabetes despite being under the best possible medical care. So I dug into this subject to avoid this destiny. The truth that I learned was devastating. Within years no one told her, that diabetes is a fully recoverable disease, that you can cure within 2 weeks simply with dietary changes. The most popular person who spreads this knowledge is dr Michael Greger, whose videos you can watch on In this treatment, I provide a short summary of the key points on how to cure diabetes permanently and some tips if you are in a bad state and need bigger guns to recover. There is no need for any drugs or supplements in this guideline and you will be free of sirenges afterwards.

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Applies for root causes

  • eating diary
  • eating meat
  • eating sugar
  • unhealthy diet
  • lectins
  • grease in food

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What causes diabetes? 

  1. Meat - in all forms: chickens, cows, pigs, turkey. That includes also fish.
  2. Diary - in all forms. That includes especially cow milk, but also all cheeses, eggs, yoghurts, butter and all other milk processing products.
  3. Processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. In all forms. Do not eat any added sugar or sweeteners. Sweeteners are even worse than sugar itself, so do not use them.
  4. Rice, potatoes, grains (including pizza, pasta, corn and corn-processed products) and other high-glycemic-index cooked foods.
    1. Fresh, sweet fruits are allowed. They have enzymes that lower down the blood-sugar spikes after eating them.

That's all. Get rid of those 4 junk foods from your diet and you will stabilize your blood sugar on a proper level within 2 weeks.

Avoiding all processed foods and eating fruits and whole vegetables + salads is the way to go. 

After you will be cured, you can slowly introduce new foods again and monitor whether your condition will relapse or not. Simple right? 

If you want to speed up the process: 

  • do water fasting for 2-5 days. WATER ONLY FAST. No juice, no tea, no coffee, no vitamins. Just drink pure water. The first 2 days you will be hungry but then the hunger stops. Drink only boiled water. Do not prolong your fast without the supervision of someone more experienced or reading some books (like Bragg's: The Miracle of Fasting) on this subject, because after 5 days the refeeding is crucial and wrong refeeding (not lack of food) can harm you.
  • Here is more information about fasting and diabetes:

Water fasting is very effective for patients with type II diabetes. This is what Dr. G.A. Voitovich, one of the therapeutic fasting experts, writes on the topic, “Since diabetes  is a disease with origins in the nervous and endocrine systems, its treatment with  dosed fasting is sure to bring positive results too – it’s our conclusion.  Moreover, we learned from foreign sources that doctors in the West, Japan, and especially in India have long considered diabetes to be one of the diseases treatable with fasting. However, in practice we rarely treated this disease in our department.  

We started studying this subject more closely only after the all-USSR symposia on RDT when doctors from Armenia, Odessa, and other places reported on the successful treatment of even severe forms of diabetes with dosed fasting. We were particularly interested in the method used in Yerevan, where patients with severe diabetes, obesity, and gangrenous ulcers on their legs were treated with several 11-day RDT courses quite successfully while still taking hormonal medications, but at 5-10-times smaller doses.  

Initially, we had only a few people with mild forms of diabetes who didn’t take insulin. During dosed fasting treatment, their blood sugar level dropped. During the recovery period, it increased again, but it didn’t go far beyond the norm. The general condition of these patients improved: weakness, itching, thirst, and increased appetite were eliminated. One patient with diabetes was cured completely at the initial stage, and has not relapsed for over 25 years.  

Doctor G. Sarkisyan from the clinic of endocrine diseases in Yerevan conducted 2-3 fasting courses for 10-11 days in seriously ill patients. One patient was threatened with amputation because of foot gangrene. After two 11-day fasting courses, all the diabetic tests (sugar in the urine, sugar in the blood, etc.) improved considerably,  gangrenous  inflammation  was  relieved,  amputation  was  no  longer  required, and the patient started to walk freely. 

~ Dr. Sergey Filonov 20Q&A About Dry Fasting

If you want to read more about what you should eat to be healthy after prolonged water fast - read further. You may use the proper diet without fasting to see health benefits. 

The proper diet.

  • So what is the healthiest diet? Many people claim they found it out and sell dietary books. 99% of them are just wrong. If you have arthritis as I did - you will be forced by your body to just learn that the hard way through trials and errors. If you will eat badly - you will suffer as from being hit by a bus.
  • If you don't have arthritis - after eating the wrong diet you will develop sooner or later chronic disease. Like diabetes.

To answer the question: what is the healthiest diet - Let's start with a logical approach: 

What is the single most important nutrient/substance that you can get from any food?


Without food we can survive healthily, for months. Without water - only weeks. Yes, a few weeks! That's probably longer than you thought. The healthier you are the longer you can withstand without water. There are fasts without water called dry fasting, but it is the higher level of fasting only for experienced water fasters and I will not cover it here, because if you are a “healthy lifestyle newbie” just water fasting for a few days alone can be enough for your mind to handle right now.

  • Interesting fact: Water from food is more easily assimilated in your body and hydrates your tissues better than even drinking pure water because it is pushed deeper inside you with the food and is not just filtered to kidneys so fast since drinking like pure water.
  • The better your food holds water in its natural state, the juicier it is, the more hydrated you will become by eating it.
  • You can measure the hydration of your tissues by a medical weight that cost about 60$. In most modern societies people have hydration below 60%. That is just dangerous and creates a variety of health conditions, like eyesight degradation in the first place. I have tested myself, that if I reach more than 65% of body mass hydration - my eyesight improves and gets sharper. That level of hydration can be upheld only on the healthiest diet.

Drinking a lot of water doesn’t change much in everyday hydration levels. Eating fruits does.

Diet rule number one: the more juicy and watery your food is in its natural raw state, the better.

All dietary experts around the world agree to avoid processed food. But what does that “processed” mean?

I do not understand why they never say straight in your face what processed food is.

  • Have you ever thought about that? In simple words: everything that is not raw. Everything that has added salt, sugar or oil, was cooked, boiled or heated, dried, frozen or fried.
  • Meat is always processed, you never eat raw meat due to parasite dangers and it's hard to get true raw meat anyway.
  • Even if you buy “raw” meat in the supermarket it usually has salt or multiple other conservatives added. If you think meat is necessary for our living, muscles or has proteins or “fibre”, you are just brainwashed. Watch the “Cowspiracy” movie, and some videos on , then return.

But you can still eat a raw “whole-plant” vegan diet and suffer chronic pain. As I did. Why is that?

  • A good explanation is in the book “Plant Paradox” by dr Gaundry. He got to the root cause quite good (not perfect though).
  • Lectins:

Lectins: the root cause of your pain and many chronic diseases. All plants have them, but some of the plants have plenty and the bad nasty kind of lectins. Lectins are produced in plants as a defence mechanism against being eaten. This accumulates through the food chain. If an animal eats a lot of lectins and you eat that animal - you get concentrated lectins shot. And in todays agriculture animals are fed up with artificial corn-based food instead of their natural foods: grasses or vegetables so they and their products like eggs/milk are filled up with lectins. You are what you eat… and what your food has eaten. Eat organic raw food if you want to get healthy.

Most of the plants do not want to be eaten, but there are some exceptions:


  • Fruits are that part of the plant that is designed by the plant to be eaten by frugivores so the seeds are carried away and in the best scenario left in natural fertilizer (your poop) in the ground. Fruits also have temporary large amounts of lectins, but they are dissolved by enzymes when the seed is mature and the fruits get ripe. Ripe and tasty. There is a discussion whether fruit that is harvested un-ripe has dissolved those lectins or whether they are only disarmed when the fruit is still hanging on the plant, but all agree that the best and healthiest fruits are those that are harvested when ripe.
  • I do not agree with dr Gaundry that we have to avoid some fruits because if we do so, we will be nutrient-deficient. That is exactly what happens when you follow his diet. In the last chapter of his book, he suggests eating almost 7 kinds of supplements, which he also sells... I have cured my RA and I eat tons of fruits and eat no supplements. However thanks to him, I understood what I might eat that has a lot of lectins and removing such food helped me a lot.

Diet rule number two: your diet should provide you with all the nutrients that you need without any supplements.

  • All living species on this planet have been eating ONLY raw food for billions of years. Humans as a species can flourish on raw food only too. 
  • If you will think about it: it is not a coincidence that you can eat raw certain foods like apple or mango, and certain foods not: like grains or beans or grass. Cows can eat raw grass, so why we can’t? Because during millions of years of evolution we have adapted to eat those raw foods that our body needs and do not have three stomachs like a cow to process grasses.
  • Did you know that in 99% of cases you can distinguish if the mushroom is poisonous or edible by taste (not always!)? Why can we eat raw mushrooms that are edible?  If the raw mushroom tastes spicy or bitter - it can kill you. That’s a native skill we inherited from our ancestors who were forced to live on mushrooms when there were no fruits before winter.
    • We can eat hundreds of types of mushrooms raw and they are not spicy nor bitter. Of course, there are some exceptions like death caps which do not taste bad raw. In nature there are always minor exceptions, so be careful what you eat especially when eating mushrooms without any experts to help you in identification.
  • The point is, that what is bitter or spicy means: a lot of lectins that will harm you.

What has the most of lectins?

Grains are the highest in lectins. All of them, all parts. Rice, corn, quinoa and amaranth also. They all destroy your guts causing leaky guts sindrome. Only millet and sorghum which are ancient are low in lectins.

Beans and lentils are the second. They need to be cooked for a long time to break down the lectins. But it's almost impossible to get rid of all of them. Always there will be some leftover survivors and if you are weakened by a disease they will wreak havoc inside your guts.

What about seeds like pumpkin seeds? Do you think they want to be eaten? No.

Seeds are the offspring of the plant and there is nothing else that's left when you eat that part of the plant.

  • They are heavily protected. Take walnut for example: not only it has a hard layered shelf which you would be unable to crack in the wild, but also it has protective invisible layers that disable digestion of them and other food that is in your stomach with them.
  • Those layers need hours of being in the water to dissolve and just after that happens, mould that lives in symbiotic relation with walnuts creates a layer around them so they will not be harmed until they grow. So the only way you should eat walnuts should be when they are soaked for multiple hours to dissolve digestion-protective enzymes and before eating poured in boiling water to get rid of the mould. That’s not raw food anymore and chances are the mould will survive and wreak havoc in your guts.
  • The same story goes with pumpkin seeds. Their seeds are so toxic, they kill parasites. It's good as anti-parasite medicine, but you shouldn’t eat them unless you want to get rid of parasites. And just for a fixed period of time.

So can we eat everything that raw is “edible” or is technically a fruit? Unfortunately no:

  • Tomatoes are the next common high lectin source in our diet. In Italy, they eat a lot of tomatoes sauce, but they not only remove the skin and seeds from each tomato but also pour boiling water over it before using them as ingredients. This removes most of the tomato lectins. Normal people do not do that.

What else has a lot of lectins? 

  • Peanuts and peas. My favourite foods. I was very sad that I had to give up on them. But the difference when not eating them is huge.

There is of course like in nature - an exception to the rule do not eat anything that doesn’t want to be eaten:  

  • leafy greens. You can eat them in high quantities and it will help you digest other foods that you eat.
  • There are also some seeds that are not very harmful like sesame seeds, flaxseeds. You must try and judge yourself if you feel tired or not after eating something.

What do you eat? I get that asked often. Here is a picture of my 7-day food supply that I made in my local grocery store

Most fruits like peaches and figs are seasonal, so I am happier to eat them. Not all quantities are displayed below to fit the image, and I also forgot to put grapefruits and oranges on this picture. No one lives without sin, so I sometimes eat nuts despite my bad reaction when I eat too much of them. 

Below are my lists: what you can and should not eat every day. The nearest you can call it is “raw vegan lectin-free diet” but keep in mind its not all raw and not all lectin free, just 99% of it:

Do not eat ingredients from “gray area” before you will be feeling good for at least a week.

Toxic food in all forms, do not eat raw, cooked or dried:

  • All grains including rice, corn, quinoa, amaranth
  • Salt, sugar, all artificial sweeteners
  • Oils, butter, and margarine. All oils! Including grape seeds oils and sunflower seeds oil.
    • They are processed food. If I had to choose, I would prefer organic fresh cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from hand-picked olives, but you probably never tasted such oil in your life. The taste is incredible with a very strong spicy accent at the end. You can get such high-quality oil only from the farmer who makes it personally with his hands. Nothing you can get in mass-market compares.
    • All you can get in your store is junk food so give it a rest. Personally, I suffer the most after eating anything that contains canola oil (including organic), which almost all “healthy vegan” processed spread products contain.
  • Did you know that the main ingredient of mayoneese available on shelfs are not eggs but in most cases canola oil which is over 80% of mass of the product? Eggs are only 5% of the todays mayonese… That should ring you a bell about the quality of the products available in today grocery stores.
  • Coffee. It raises your blood pressure = it's toxic.
  • Alcohols. Beers, whiskey, vodka, wines. Especially all not organic beverages. You lose affection for alcohol after water fasts. Do not drink until you are healed.
  • Nightshades. Including pepper, paprika, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes.
  • Most nuts, especially walnuts and cashews. Pekans unfortunately too.
  • Most seeds. This includes (but is not limited to) sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and apricot seeds.
    • Seeds do not want to be eaten and strongly defend against that.
  • Legumes. All kinds of them. Including peas and peanuts :(. I loved them, but when I got rid of them - I felt much better! You will too.
  • Garlic, ginger and other anti-viral, anti-bacterial antifungal anti-septic foods. They are great medicines that wipe out your microbiome and should be used as a second weapon to heal acute diseases like soar throat when the diseases do not go away themselves.
    • Eating medicine every day is wrong for a healthy body and weakens your immune system in the long run! Eat them only when sick, and they will do miracles!
    • Most spices, especially the “hot spicy” ones. 
      • Spices are medicine, you should use them when you are sick, not eat them every day.
      • I sometimes drink tea with ginger, cinnamon and clovers, but only to recover when I feel sick and do not feel the need to water fast to recover.
      • Eat in moderation and observer if you feel ok
  • Chocolate with milk, sugar or any other sweeteners.
  • Brazil nuts. I often had food poisoning after eating them. I think they are even more protected by nature than walnuts. Most of our ancestors never ate them in their lives.
  • All vegetables that need to be cooked and are completely inedible raw: like pumpkins. They have to be cooked because they have a high concentration of lectins.

Gray area, eat in moderation and observe if you feel ok within the next 24-72 hours

  • Almonds. Sometimes they are ok, you need to observe how you respond and what form of almonds do you tolerate (with or without skin, roasted or maybe soaked?).
  • Almond milk. It's processed food. Most producers create awful almond milk, so if you will find one that tastes good - stick to it. It's a great alternative to cow milk.
  • Carrots. I don’t think carrots want to be eaten. If you were in the wild, you probably could not recognize carrots leafs (the root part is not visible) from some deadly plants that have similar leafs like hemlock (conium maculatum). Their leafs mimic deadly plants… Eat in moderation or do not.
  • Fermented foods like sauerkraut or pickled cucumbers. They usually contain a lot of salt and that's bad, but you can flush the salt under tap water. I eat them once a month or so and feel ok, but eating fermented food in re-feeding stage made me suffer badly.
  • Fresh, raw sheep’s or goat’s diary. Only when sheep or goats are grass-fed not stuffed with artificial pet's food on large scale. Goat milk stinks, sheep is better. Eat occasionally or don’t eat at all. I eat such things only when I travel abroad to wild locations and count it as experience.
  • Fruits that are harvested when not ripe, but do ripe in travel or on the market shelf. You do not know how they are kept and processed until the last stage. This is something you have to test on yourself, whether they do not harm you. If your condition will relapse, and you eliminated everything else, this may be the cause.
  • If you cant imagine a life without a drink, then choose organic red wines due to their high content of resveratrol. Drink no more than 150ml a day and not every day!
    • Keep in mind raw red grapes are a better source of resveratrol than red wine.
  • Nuts: pekans, pistachios, macadamias. Up to half a glass of total seeds, a day is considered safe but try and observe yourself. If you feel tired or get weird rashes around your mouth or anywhere - remove them from diet.
  • Olives. Olives raw taste awful. Who thought to eat them in the first place? Do not eat them if you don’t have to. If you eat them - mix only with acid-forming foods.
  • Radishes. They are spicy, and spicy food tells you that it should not be eaten.
  • Raw cacao processed at low temperature and dissolved in pure water below 42dg Celsius (107.6 Farenheit) is the best alternative to tea and coffee in my opinion.
  • Tea, all forms. Has a high content of Theanine, which will addict you if you will drink it every day or in large doses. Do not drink tea every day. Listen to your body: If it raises your blood pressure = it's toxic.
  • broccoli. They are harsh to eat raw. Cooked they taste awesome but raw unedible. Also, they are very hard to find organic.
  • Dried fruits. Mostly what is left after drying fruits - is sugar and some leftovers. Do not eat too much of dried fruits, or you will suffer as with eating pure sugar.

Eat safely

  • Figs and other flowers. Yes, figs are flowers growing inside-out that taste great raw when picked ripe.
  • Fruits that do not ripe when harvested: all kinds of berries, apples, melons, oranges, grapefruits, pineapples and hundreds more.
  • Avocadoes: they ripe after being harvested but and can be eaten safely in the right stage - just before they are starting to get black strains inside.
  • Raw honey - good quality honey should be stiff and have a smooth surface. That means it was not heated and has its enzymes.
  • dates, even if they are super sweet - they will be healthy. You can use dates as sweeteners. Do not use dates syrup - that's just processed sugar in liquid form.
  • maple juice (not syrup)
  • Leafy greens: raw spinach, salads, iceberg salad, roman salad and hundreds more
  • Seeds: Sesame, Flax. That's all when it comes to safe seeds from my experience, but I believe there are more.
  • Coconuts - I eat fresh ones and like the water and white delicate inside of them. The fresh ones are hard and expensive to get, but they taste awesome. Keep in mind coconuts have cholesterol, so do not eat them every day.
  • Cooked sweet potatoes (that's weird but they do not cause RA in me)
  • Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts. They can be eaten raw or steamed. You can eat them fried.
  • And primary: organic fruits harvested when fully ripe: mangoes, bananas, kiwis, persimmons, apricots, pears, apples, peaches, jackfruits, melons, and hundreds more (yes, there are hundreds of fruits out there and thousands of varieties)

Ripe fruits smell awesome, taste awesome and can provide you with all nutrients your body needs. You will be astonished, how powerful you can feel after sticking to fruits for a longer time. You can eat only fruits and be 100% healthy. 


  • When you will start the healthiest raw based fruit diet - you will first feel very energetic, but after 2-6 weeks your body will “click” and you will feel tired and hungover.
    1. That is because your body will learn “hey, it's super healthy food now - I can finally start to detox”. And the detox that will start - the same as after drinking too much alcohol - is not pleasant. When you have been trashing your body for your entire life this can be a very long process, that can take up even years for your body to fully clean up - it can be compared to cleaning your lungs after quitting smoking.
    2. If you wish to detox quickly - you have to do a water fast for at least 21 days  (recommended is 40 days) and then refeed on a healthy diet. Sometimes multiple water fasts are necessary because you will crave old bad food after too short a water fast and pollute your guts again. After each water fast the cravings will be fortunately weaker and after some time switching to fruit-based diet will be enough for your body to detox without water fast.
    3. The detox on water fast can be a terrible hangover but is more powerful compared to anything else. It will heal your whole body even from old wounds and unhealed diseases. It's free and easy! Read more in my other post here: The Growin Way to Health


If you want more information about why and how, read books:

  1. How not to Diet by dr. Michael Greger
  2. Plant Paradox by dr. Gundry
  3. The Miracle of Fasting by Bragg's
  4. The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by dr Robert Morse
  5. Watch all videos of Loren Lockman on Youtube

This page has the most important parts needed to cure diabetes from the above sources. 

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