The most brilliant machine in the world. Use it to cure yourself.

The most brilliant machine in the world. Use it to cure yourself.

Video transcription (automatic translation from polish by deepL):

Do you know what the most complicated machine that exists is?

You'll probably think it's a 27-kilometer ring in the basement of Geneva called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). After all, it cost €7.5 billion in 2010 and was the most expensive machine in the world. Currently, 32,000 engineers work on its operation.

And how will the Creators of this collider answer this question?

And here I will surprise you... According to them, the most complex machine in the world is... “tam ta ta dam”... a single human cell. 

This seems like an exaggeration... 1 microscopic cell VS a giant LHC. But when you think about it more deeply, the engineers at CERN are not stupid. Consider that what you know about the cell from biology from school or high school or even university is not even a lick of the subject.

To quote Dr. Michael Denton, who wrote an entire book on the subject:

"To capture the reality of life as discovered by molecular biology, we need to enlarge a cell a thousand million times until it is twenty kilometers in diameter and resembles a giant airship, large enough to cover a major city like London or New York. What we will then see will be an object of unparalleled complexity and adaptable design. On the surface of the cell we would then see millions of openings, reminiscent of the portholes of a huge spaceship, opening and closing, allowing a continuous flow of materials in and out. If we were to step into one of these places, we would find ourselves in a world of superior technology and staggering complexity beyond anything we can comprehend."

Yes.... The total number of processes that are performed inside it is still unknown to this day, and every day we discover something new.


To make you aware of this: Let me start perhaps with the thing that is most well-known in the common consciousness, although not at all so obvious, since it was only in 1962 that a Nobel Prize was awarded for its discovery: the DNA code. It is so microscopic and not easy to find that their discoverers were long ridiculed for the very idea of searching for it.

Do you know how much information is in the DNA itself?

To sequence the entire genome, that is, the entire code, supercomputers were needed until recently and the first sequence took more than 10 years. A Nobel Prize was awarded for its completion in 2022, too. Today, it is possible to do such a sequence with a special "ear stick", which needs to be slipped and sent back to a company such as Nebula Genomics (this information is not sponsored, I don't earn anything from it!). It costs as much as $1,200 and takes 2 months, but it's one of the few companies analyzing the WHOLE DNA code, not just a fragment of 1% of the whole. 

It's not trivial at all, and the process of analyzing your DNA has to be repeated by cloud computing and scanners automatically 100 times to make sure there are no mistakes.

And now the best part: how much do you think such a sequenced code from your single cell takes up... as much as a movie in 4k? 5 Gigabytes? 10? How about 100 Gigabytes? No.

It takes up as much as 300 Gigabytes of data! 300 billion bytes. That's how much information there is in 2 meters of DNA stuffed into the cell nucleus of each of your cells, compressed into an object only 10 micrometers in size. The mere fact that we have such a hard drive of not-insignificant capacity in every cell makes one dizzy. 

However, this is only a millionth of what is inside such a cell, because DNA is so small that it was difficult to see until recently.

There are hundreds of mechanisms in the cell that take care of regeneration, delivering nutrients, fighting a myriad of pathogens, communicating internally and externally, producing what the body needs, filtering what comes in through cell membranes, fighting viruses, bacteria and toxins. It also performs repair, restoration and reproduction by division and, in an extreme situation, the cell decides to self-destruct by destroying everything inside it to protect neighboring cells from viruses that have overcome its protective barriers. It does all this autonomously. In addition, of course, there are mitochondria that produce energy from food, the cell nucleus and mechanisms we never dreamed of.


To visualize the scale - with the help of supercomputers it has been possible to predict the combinations of 200 million proteins that may exist in our bodies, but so far in the history of mankind only 190,000 of them have been studied and identified, which is 0.1 percent of the possibilities.


For comparison, the Polish language has 140,000 words according to the PWN dictionary. And Each protein has thousands of chemical reactions depending on the co-occurrence.  200 million is a number that it would take a single person some 50 years to count  . Let alone pronouncing all these complex proteins or learning about their effects on the body. We are not able to comprehend it with our consciousness. 


Hardly any cell has the same instructions, but they can specialize. One forms muscle tissue, another bone tissue, one liver, another thyroid and so on. What we know about this process is that it exists and is dependent on "environmental factors"... that is, we don't fully know how it works in detail. There is a whole video about this microscopic universe of a single human cell to watch for free, which I recommend to the inquisitive: Our Secret Universe - the hidden life of the cell. 


Now that you know that a single human cell has a complexity greater than that of a hadron collider, imagine the following

3.72 x 10^13 or 37.2 trillion (that's millions times millions)

of such cells playing together to a single goal.

After all, that's how many according to the latest estimates are in the human body. Is this a lot? There are currently more than 8 billion people in the world. That is, for every human being in existence, there are 4650 cells in your body.

And how many trees do you think there are on the entire planet? Well according to google we have 3-4 billion trees. That is, all the trees in the whole world are 375 to 500 times more than all the people. And your cells are 9.3 to 12.4 times more than all the trees in the World. Look around you. For every tree, there are at least 9 cells in your body. In other words, there are as many trees for all your cells as there are from 9 planets on Earth.

That's called momentum!

And remember that each one has 300GB of data in its DNA alone? If you multiply 300GB by the number of cells in our body, it gives a cosmic number of 1,116 x 10 to the twenty-sixth power of the bytes of data our body stores in DNA alone. For comparison, all the computers and supercomputers together in the world have, according to the latest estimates, 163 zettabytes of data, or 10^21 bytes. That means there is 100,000 times more data in you than in all the computers in the world.

Now add to that the connections between cells. For example, neurons in the brain, of which there are approximately "just under" 90 billion. On average, each neuron has at least several connections, which, according to scientists, gives up to 100 trillion combinations. That's a thousand times more than all the stars in our galaxy.

Hardly, all these cells work for one purpose - to make the whole body fully efficient for what it needs to survive and pass on its genes.

And your Body knows what it's doing, it knows how to heal itself, you just prevent it from doing so over and over again, but about that in a later section.

Now to understand the power of your body to heal itself think about what it can do:

Your body can produce an eyeball of protein - after all, that's what makes you
that's why you're watching this video. Can any pill do that?

Your body knows how to continually manage a system of about 160,000 kilometers of blood vessels and turn spinach into red blood cells. Can your doctor do this?

Your body knows how to coordinate billions of electrical (nerve) impulses in the brain and throughout the body in real time. Can your doctor do this?

Your body, with the help of hundreds of complex chemical reactions, can turn raw fruit into energy and store that energy inside your cells.
Can your doctor do this for your body?

Your body can produce living bone tissue from broccoli. Can anyone in laboratories do this?

Your body can simultaneously fight several thousand different pathogens and hostile intruders from food, air and water. Can any single injection or pill do this?

Your body can replace all the billions of cells in your body in a matter of months. This is expertly called quarterly reorganization of even those 37 trillion cells. Can
Your doctor can do this?

Your body has produced your intelligence, consciousness and subconsciousness. Can anyone do it?

In my opinion, our consciousness is like a monkey steering a spaceship. Often it has no idea what it's doing, it just hits the colored buttons, it's important to make it rock cool. This, of course, leads sooner or later to disaster, unless the monkey learns not to turn off the autopilot that is the body's automatic regeneration and self-healing.


Therefore, do you want to treat yourself with drugs and supplements instead of using your body? Treating with any artificial compounds that have not even stood next to living cells is a total monkey without autopilot....

Even the best chemists, doctors and engineers combined in the world will not create something better than such an intelligent and complex machine as you have here and now. Do you think that any single optpatented substance is capable of fixing a mechanism composed of billions of parts? Only ignorant people and marketers selling a product can think that pharmaceuticals fix your body. Mostly instead of helping they only hinder. The job actually has to be done by your Body anyway.

So are artificial drugs and supplements better than natural ones?

You often hear that there is more concentration in pills, etc. etc. It's just that our body has never in evolutionary history had access to supplements like all other animals have not. It is foreign to it and harms it. Unlike fresh and living plants, which our ancestors actually used to support some regenerative processes.

As an engineer and a fan of technology, I always thought that medicine was put together, advanced and certainly more effective than some natural therapy, because after all, that's what smart heads with higher education produce all these remedies to help us. Over the years, however, I've learned that it's just business and they all just want to sell us junk to poison us even more and put us into a spiral of diseases, therapies and a chain of medications.

After all, the best business is the one that goes around in circles: And there are companies that chain poor seeds, make and sell poisoned food from them, and then sell medicines for the effects.... de facto harmful diet telling us that it is genetic and civilization diseases. This is how it works, unfortunately.


Why are we so easily fooled by harmful treatments?

And why the body, after the introduction of a toxin, feels better for a while instead of spitting it out immediately - that's a topic for another film, while the analogy is with alcohol. Shortly after consumption is nice, but a day later we have to experience detox, which unfortunately is not pleasant. Of course, we can, instead of detoxing, drink again or translated into diet: eat something harmful again. Then the body stops detoxing and waits for us to finish. But sooner or later the tolerance to accumulated toxins will burst and then getting rid of it is not a walk in the neighborhood, but already an expedition like in the Himalayas.

And now the best part: your Body can repair itself from chronic or acute illnesses without help, you just have to get out of its way and let it.

Our bodies can adapt to us no matter what we do. The body allows us to withstand extreme cold, heat, exercise. It changes accordingly to the diet we follow regardless of whether it's vegan, keto, paleo or carnivore or maybe just plain ol' plain ol'. The less we mix different ingredients in food, the easier it is for the body to digest it and even adapt to toxic things. Our body is able to adjust the strength of our muscles to what we need to carry in our daily life and our mind to the most difficult tasks we ask of it.

When we eat food our body stores the excess in unlimited amounts and when we don't provide it with any food or water, it burns fat as efficiently as possible allowing us to survive even for months or years without any food or drink. Yes... without drinking we can also last at least a nice couple of weeks. The metabolism of fat into wateris called Autolysis.

You're probably wondering, then, why does your super intelligent body get sick with such mischief as diabetes, atopic dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis or cancer?

Could it be because of genes? What genes again? Genes want to be healthy and reproduce!

You get sick Mainly because you are feeding yourself something that over millions of years of evolution your Body has never encountered and you buy it every day and absorb it happily thinking you are providing it with what it needs. You swallow artificial food that never grew in the forest or saw sunlight

like a pelican - and your body thus has trouble processing substances that are poisonous from its point of view.

It deposits them in your tissues to clean up later, but you never give it a break and add oil to the fire every day. When you give it a break - you feel worse (because that's how detox works - just like after alcohol) - and you think you then have to go back to your previous MENU because you feel worse. But know that this is only temporary, because detox is followed by recovery and you feel better then. You just have to make it through.

It's still unusual for health problems to appear only after many years of a diet that is wrong for you, or only in the next generation if the parents were on an unhealthy diet. Here, for example, is a chart showing that only the children or grandchildren of the rats had problems with weight and generally all the diseases of civilization after the first generation was stuffed with the ubiquitous glyphosate in grains and vegetable oils. Hence the sudden rash of celiac disease, cancer, diabetes or RA even in children. It's all thanks to their parents' crummy diet.

On the other hand, it is possible to cure yourself fully naturally from virtually all chronic diseases. You just have to go natural and answer the question - what would you eat/what would you eat if you ended up on a deserted tropical island with only your own hands to survive. As it was before we tamed fire and created ranching and mass crops.

It's rather difficult to resurrect fire with your bare hands. Try it and you will find out. Especially when it's humid, because for that it has to be extremely dry and you still have to find flints. That leaves fresh fruits, maybe seaweed, wild plants and mushrooms. Meat is not at all easy to hunt without a rifle, or with a handmade bow, so it would be a rarity, and to find a wild cheese growing somewhere, or to get a wild cow in the jungle, which happens to share its milk, is an abstraction. Ploughing up a hectare of jungle to sow grain on it, then wait for it to grow, harvest it, grind it and roast it for bread at 220 degrees is also the last thing I would think of. Although quite a few plants are edible and you can survive on them, you mainly eat their green fragments, possibly the tubers, but for the most part not the seeds.

However, when it comes to healing, when something would happen to you in such a jungle, you would, like all other animals in the world - use autophagy to heal, meaning you would immediately start fasting on water, or dry fasting, combined with a proper, natural diet consisting of 100% of what you want to eat and does not contain the poisonous toxins that any food that defends itself from being eaten has. Animals in the wild, when they have something - they curl up, find a safe place and lie down until the body heals it on its own. Without food, if they are badly battered then also without drinking.

I wrote a book on the subject, "How I Cured the Incurable," in which I described how I cured rheumatoid arthritis, or rzs, using natural techniques. They boil down to an unprocessed diet that requires no supplementation. You too can be cured of whatever ails you, because the techniques described in it are universal!

Although I'm fascinated by this topic, this video is probably already too long, so I'll end it, but if you'd like me to provide more information on the topics covered here on Youtube, please let me know in the comments what interests you. If you want to support me - buy my book or write a comment. Thanks for persevering to the end, you're awesome! And until next time!

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