How to heal and strengthen your teeth to not need a dentist according to dentist Dr. Ellie Philips

How to heal and strengthen your teeth to not need a dentist according to dentist Dr. Ellie Philips

Can a tooth repair itself? 

Most people have the belief (out of the blue) that once a tooth is damaged, injured, hurts or has a hole in it, it's over and you have to ream it, seal it and if that doesn't help, kill it (with root canal treatment) or pull it out and put in an implant. I thought so for a very long time, too, until I found out on myself otherwise. A tooth is alive, and just like a broken bone - under the right conditions it can regenerate and rebuild itself when it is not disturbed (and when it is helped).


Already 6 years ago I found out on myself that RA is associated with problems and bacteria in the mouth, so I dug into the subject of why our teeth spoil: the answer is simple and at the same time not simple: mainly from sugar, but also from excess phytic (phytic) acid in the diet, blocking the absorption of minerals needed for tooth regeneration, which is ubiquitous, for example, in all cereals or nuts. Also, acidic PH promotes the growth of bacteria that damage teeth, such as Streptococcus mutans and Porphyromonas gingivalis. So in order not to have new health problems, all we need to do is not eat sugar, cereals and processed pigs that cause an acidic PH in our mouths.


Simple? Simple! Practical? Not practical...


After all, hardly anyone in the civilized world can abstain from eating grains, grain products and processed (that is, given any heat or chemical treatment) food for an extended period of time. I myself, since I am fully healthy - nothing hurts or ails me, because I have cured myself by natural means from rheumatoid arthritis, from which I suffered for many years - I stopped, with the obstinacy of a maniac, to follow the "Eat what you want to be eaten" diet , which I describe in the book "How I cured the incurable", because this is a strictly therapeutic diet - for the duration of the disease, until the body recovers, extinguishes inflammation, regenerates and is healthy. This takes some time (calculated in months), but when you are healthy, in my opinion, you can rotate your diet in cycles, just as the seasons change, and experiment with food, remembering in the back of your mind that "you are what you eat and... what your food ate."


Maintaining healthy teeth therefore borders on a miracle these days, because at some stage most of us will snack on sugar, cereals or processed food. And processed food is... junk food. And that's where a ray of hope comes in in the form of Dr. Ellie Philips, who claims to have discovered a reproducible way to heal your teeth and have peace of mind from the dentist almost regardless of your diet.


I watched all the videos on Dr. Ellie Philips' channel. I agree 99% with what she says. I found basically only one mistake that she duplicates, which can be pointed out to her, but about that further.


As much as I'm a fan of natural treatments, they are good when you use natural foods. When you eat artificial, there's no way you can heal your teeth without some sort of support. And that support is from Dr. Ellie in the form of her "Complete Mouth Care System" method. I recommend watching this video as the most comprehensive on the subject:


In a nutshell, it recommends using specific measures in a specific order:


I. Use Xylitol after every meal. Xylitol CAUSES sugar in food, because she has discovered and confirmed by research that xylitol destroys plaque, restores the shine of teeth and has positive effects of its own. An ordinary person can't distinguish the taste of xylitol from sugar. Sorbitol, on the other hand, is harmful to teeth. Other sweeteners are too, because they cause an acidic PH in the mouth.

II. Follow a specific oral cleaning routine at bedtime and once during the day. The entire procedure has 7 points, and they are all important to do in this order:

1. rinse your mouth with "Closys Ultra Sensitive" before brushing. Half of what the manufacturer recommends. Use ONLY for one minute. This is an agent that destroys the bad bacteria in nika to the holes in the teeth.

2. use a springy, dense toothbrush with good bristles.

3. toothpaste - only and only proven "Crest cavity". Others do not mineralize teeth as they should. This one has been proven for 50 years.

4. start brushing by... massaging the gums from the inside of the teeth. At the level of the root pit, that is, as low as possible. If you are going to floss, do it right after brushing, leaving the toothpaste on your teeth. Dr. Ellie is not a fan of flossing and suggests flossing only if you have food stuck between your teeth and can't get it out otherwise.

5. wait 24 hours for your toothbrush to dry before using it. That is, use 2 different toothbrushes for each time of day to make sure you use a dry one. Keep them spaced apart from each other to keep bacteria from spreading.

6. Rinse your mouth with "Listerine Cool Mint" or "Listerine Original."  Original is a tad stronger. Rinse for as long as you can, even if only for a second.

7 Rinse with "Act Zero Alcohol Anti-Cavity" mouthwash.  Buy such an act that contains exactly 0.05% fluoride sodium. It is best to rinse for one minute.




III. Use the procedure from point II preferably at bedtime and after breakfast.


And yes, both toothpaste and mouthwash contain that nasty element "FLUOR", but... it's in the form of "fluoride sodium", which is not as harmful as the infamous fluoride found naturally in India, e.g., in tea, and brings after rinsing with listerine, leaving a slightly acidic reaction in the mouth, a synergistic and teeth-strengthening effect. She uses this as well as her children and grandchildren, so any concerns about harm can be rather put to rest.



Each product has been analyzed by her for its composition, and don't use any substitutes if you don't know what you're doing and how the respective chemical compositions work crosswise between each other.  


What else?


IV. Another important thing according to Dr. Ellie, is not to snack and sip every now and then during the day

You need to compress your food and drink into the appropriate feeding windows. The idea is that saliva begins to have the ideal mineral and nutrient content to rebuild and remineralize teeth about 1 hour after the last bite and... sip of water. As we drink every now and then, we rinse out the saliva and its minerals, thus the teeth do not rebuild. Ideally, therefore, for example, during work, it is best not to eat or drink anything, and tea and coffee (yes, your Dr. has such white teeth, and drinks coffee!) drink before and after work and not during work.


As I write these words I am sitting and... just sipping jasmine tea, which means this point is by far the most difficult. But teeth are currently my priority, I want to get rid of all fillings and rebuild their tissue, so after Easter 2024 I'm going to start the procedure and techniques developed by Ms. Dr.


What else is important? Personally, I came across Ms. Dr. by clicking on this clickbait on Youtube, because receding gums are closely related to RA and need to be repaired before effectively curing this "incurable" disease:


The doctor describes that after proper gum massage and following her method, the gums will begin to grow back on their own again.


My comment on all of Dr. Ellie Philips' videos. Just one "but":

  • I agree that you should definitely give up sugar if you want to heal your teeth
    I agree that acidic PH damages teeth and alkaline is better, while it is not clear from what she says, and my experience is that alkaline PH alone will not contribute to the regeneration of teeth. My tartar on my teeth has not been eliminated by having an alkaline PH in my mouth of PH 8.0 for the past 2 years.
    Now for the "but." I disagree with Dr. Ellie Philips that citrus harms teeth. Because there is a lack of any meaningful evidence and scientific studies for this. This is a myth repeated by dentists based on a study done on STILL teeth, where a dead tooth was kept in grapefruit juice for 20 weeks and was noted to degrade. A DEAD TOOTH, WITHOUT SALIVA, FOR 20 WEEKS STRAIGHT. These are hardly realistic conditions. I have cited sources of research on the subject and contradicting the harmfulness of grapefruits on teeth in my book. You can personally test that by touching an orange with litmus paper, for example, it has an acidic PH of less than 5.0, while when you put the orange in your mouth and bite into it and test the PH of your saliva - it will immediately become ALKALIC. Both the orange and vitamin C itself - cause ALKALIC reactions (reactions) of our body, which you can check yourself. If, according to the Doctor, alkaline PH is good for teeth, how can citrus do harm? This is the biggest mistake and inconsistency I have found in all of Dr. Ellie Philips' videos, so other than that, I recommend you to watch them yourself, because I subscribe to what she promotes. 
    I personally believe that fruit is the healthiest product you can eat. It doesn't require any processing, it wants to be eaten, nothing to add nothing to it. What about the sugar in the fruit? It is broken down by enzymes found in fresh, live fruit, so it is not as dangerous as it is thoughtlessly repeated. After all, fresh fruit has a low glycemic index. In addition, the fruit has several (or maybe tens - we don't quite know, because the level of complexity of the fruit exceeds the analysis capabilities at our disposal!) thousands of other substances in it. However, fruits by themselves will not contribute to whitening teeth or eliminate already existing tartar. They are neutral.  Overcooked fruit or pasteurized juice - that's worse. Then you are actually left with sugar without enzymes and it is like sugar water. Nothing healthy.



Dr. Ellie Philips' method seems logical, sensible and in a week's time (when all the necessary aforementioned liquids arrive) I will start testing it on myself. After all, over the course of my life, even before I was paying attention to what I eat - I've acquired a lot of fillings that fall out over and over again, and I'm sick of it. I don't know if you know, but the lifespan of the best filling (leaving aside the amalgam ones for obvious reasons), is a mere 6 years... As the filling crumbles and food falls under it, before you know it the degradation and destruction of the tooth begins. That's how I recently discovered decay under a moving filling all the way to the pulp of the tooth. I took a panoramic X-ray and a little later a CT scan of my mouth, so the observed progress after enough time will be very accurately measurable. I will certainly not give up fruits in my diet. There will be a lot of apples, a lot of oranges, blueberries and probably mangoes/carberries. Out of sugar for 1-2 years... I will try. Especially since it's easy to replace it with xylitol if you prepare food yourself. Will it work on me? I will do my best to make it work.

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