How to cure lyme disease

How to cure lyme disease

My wife recently got bitten by a tick. That developed into a chronic Lyme disease despite all the antibiotic treatments she had taken immediately after the exposure. It's scary when a healthy person in their 30ties gets rheumatoid pains in her hands with a view that each day will be more painful and her life will now on degrade rapidly more and more each day. It  drains the life energy of the infected person. 

I was again forced to do some research about how to cure an incurable disease. 

Here is the material that I gathered and a solution to this nightmare: 

It is not easy, not pleasant and not recommended by doctors. But it works. 

Prolonged dry fasting + HBOT is the strongest healing process you can put your body into, and it does make miracles. I have done many water only and dry fasts in my life and I personally confirm that you can survive without water and food easily much longer, than Wikipedia says is officially possible. 

I will publish this treatment for free, because I believe people should have free access to such basic information. I will give more details if you ask for them in the comments. 

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