Cancer cure is known for years

Cancer cure is known for years

This is not about dry fasting, water fasting, Gerson therapy, monofruit diet or any other natural healing methods that you should try in the first place when faced with any kind of cancer. 

This is about the best documentary I have seen in a long time about anything. And Howicured wouldn't be true, and honest if I would say nothing about it. 

In this case a physician from Poland: Dr Burzynski, claims he has found a cure for cancer: peptides called Antineoplastons that are available only in the bloodstream of people, who do not have cancer. What is more, he was forbidden by FDA to use such “unproven substances”, so he found other gene-targeted therapy composed from existing drugs with 60% efficacy. If you think that someone who finds a cure for cancer has an easy task of saving lives and lives in glory from that moment – you are wrong.  This man is on a 50-year mission to change the standard procedure of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical cuts that are used nowadays by oncologists around the world. You should definitely see it for yourself and judge whether the patients who have been cured are frauds and they lie for him in multiple courts, or the system we live in is one big, fat scam. 

This is the best documentary I have seen in a long, long time. In fact I do not recollect watching any thriller, sci-fi or horror movie that was more dramatic and emotional than this one. Sorry Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, Luke Skywalker, James Bond or even Hellraiser - you are just imaginary, we can turn you off any time. THIS MAN IS REAL. THE PROBLEM IS REAL. HIS MISSION IS REAL.

You think this is the end of the story? Then watch the second part:


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